IV: Emergency Leave With Pay ( Exclusive of sick leave )

The Principal or Administrator may grant to any regularly employed teacher emergency leave each year for the following reasons:

  1. Death in the immediate family- (four) 4 consecutive days. Immediate family shall be defined as:
    • Husband or wife
    • Children
    • Mother or Father
    • Brother or Sister
    • Mother-in-law or Father-in-law
    • Grand Parents
    • Other relatives, if living in the same domicile at the time of death
  2. Death of a relative not a member of the immediate family 1 day. (Maximum 2 Per year )
  3. Personal business or religious reasons - three (3) days per year, non-cumulative. Leave of absence for personal business that necessitates teacher absence during school hours for the following reasons will require no further explanation.
  4. A personal business day cannot be taken during the five (5) days prior to the closing of school in June; nor immediately before or after any school holiday or vacation. Exceptions for reasons beyond the control of the employee and acceptable to the Superintendent or his/her designee may be granted.