Student activities at Paramus provide a venue for students to develop talents and share experiences with other students.

Art Club

Show off your creative side. Join the Art club, Room 305

Advisor: Ms. Midolo, 2017-2018

Fitness Club

Do you want to be fit? Want to be healthy? stronger? faster? More powerful! Happier and stress free? If so, then the Fitness Club is for you! You will learn how to incorporate cardiovascular exercises, weight lifting, and the use of free weights/bands into your daily exercise routine.

 Advisor: Ms. O'Connor, 2017-2018

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all chess players from beginners to advanced. We will learn/review the rules, and play games against other club members or online opponents. Come have some fun and enjoy the competition!! Room 304
Advisor: Mr. Pandich, 2017-2018

Dance Club

Want to be the envy of the dance floor? Come learn ballroom and Latin dancing with the Dance Club. No experience necessary.

Advisor: Mrs. Heid, 2017-2018

Interact Club

Interact Club- is a youth leadership organization that connects school-based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other and community resources through peer support, leadership development, and training.

Advisor: Ms. Bodganowich, 2017-2018

Music Club

Get creative with these fun, hands-on musical experiences: Write Songs, Learn an Instrument, Improve Your singing, Use GarageBand to create original piees, custome mixes, ringtones, etc. Solok, small and large group projects.

Advisor: Mr. Ridgell, 2017-2019  Room 327

Physics Club

Physics Club is a great place to get help or get ahead in science class. Review notes, ask questions, retake quizzes and tests. Room 329

Advisor: Mrs. Hogan, 2017-2018

Peer Leaders

Advisors: Ms. Silva, Mr. Rupinski, 2017-2018

Peer Leader ByLaws

TEK Neeks
YEK Neeks club is a technology based club where students can create and work on technology based projects, as well as preparing for technology based competitions. Members of the club will be introduced to 3D printer technology, Robotics and other MakerSpace activities.  Room 120

Advisor: Mr. Regan, 2017-2018

Spanish Club

Join the BT Spanish Club to help plan Hispanic food fundraisers and events, view and discuss foreign films, and practice your conversational Spanish. Come experience Hispanic culture with us and contribute to our multi-cultural school community.

Advisor: Mr. Hager 2016-2017

Web Club

Web club is the place to go on Wednesday afternoons if you need time to research assignments on the web or work on internet based homework on Edmodo or Google Classroom. You don't need to go to your town library to get your work done, do it Wednesday afternoon after school. Room 329

Advisor: Ms. Hughes 2017-2018

Weightlifting Club

Join weightlifting club to come workout with the equipment in the weight room! Come prepared to workout with sneakers. The club will meet on Wednesdays in the weight room

Advisor: Ms. Brideau  2017-2018

SAT/ACT prep

The SAT Prep Club will help students learn Challenging SAT vocabulary words, provide reading comprension practice and interactive math drills. Lessons will be provided from the lastest SAT Prep book, interactive websites and teacher interaction.  Room 204B

Advisors: Mr. Kaplan, Mrs Ristovski.  2017-2018

Student Council

Advisor:  Ms. Hughes, Mr. Hager, 2017-2018

 Student Council Bylaws ccohen.docx

Baking Club

Come by and try your hand at different baking and decorating techniques. Use this time to catch up on missed assignments or create baked goods for occasions (students must provide indgrediants). This club is open to everyone so don't be shy. You know you want to come and learn baking!!    Room 132

Advisor: Baker Tuliszewska, 2017-2018

Future Farmers of America FFA

FFA Club is held in the Landscape Building. The club helps to prepare students for careers in Agriculture and Horticulture and emphasizes leadership skill.  FFA activities include competitions in Landscaping and Agriculture.

Advisor: Mr. Dixon, 2017-2018

Computer Club

This club consists of students participating in computer based simulations or gaming competitons. As a "low tech" choice, a ping pong table will be set up for competitions. In cafeteria

Advisor: Ms. Ortelere 2017-2018




Club advisors are typically members of the faculty who have a special interest in the club and in working with students on special projects. The Board of Education appoints club advisors  annually.