image001Kudos to the students listed below who attended The Nipmuc Regional High School’s Innovative Conceptual Engineering Design (ICED) program in Upton, Massachusetts, Nov., 7th – 9th
BCA students delivered presentations on a considerable variety of topics, including the psychology of astronauts, the mathematical underpinnings of spaceflight, the engineering technique of biologically inspired design as applied to vehicles designed for Martian terrain, ECLSS topics such as osteoporosis (because astronauts lose bone density in the microgravity of a spacecraft), how international law applies to spaceflight, and the use of an animation (based on the Kerbal Space Program) to model a mission to Mars.  The audiences for these presentations included students, teachers, and retired NASA astronaut Charles Camarda. 

The student feedback from Dr. Camarada made us proud. He expressed how impressed he was with the depth and focus fashioning the students’ research. His feedback was very informative and showed he was very pleased with the quality of the presentations.

Students listened to a wide variety of presentations from a host of experts.  Among the featured speakers were Dr. Camarda (who spoke on his experiences as an engineer and an astronaut), Richard Rodgers (Vice Pres. Of Engineering R&D for Primo Medical Group), Kathy Laurini (retired NASA Senior advisor for Exploration and Space Operations), Professor Olivier de Weck of MIT who spoke on “the Future of Urban Air Mobility,” Taskin Padir of Northeaster Univ. who spoke on humanoid robots, and a host of others.  Each student attended 3 sessions of their choice with innovators from around Massachusetts.

 Included on this trip was a tour of Clark University, whose staff generously answered our questions in labs and showed the archival materials of famed rocket pioneer Robert Goddard (a onetime physics professor at Clark University).