deca2020 DECA State Competition Results

The 2020 DECA State competition was held in Atlantic City on March 2-4. Thousands of New Jersey students attended at the conference.  Seventy-six students represented Bergen County Academies (BCA). BCA is proud to announce that 35 student qualified for the finals. Of the BCA students achieving finals, 27 BCA students also qualified for the upcoming 2020 DECA National competition. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Faculty advisor:  Mr. Joseph Gutierrez


BCA Students Going to 2020 DECA Nationals

Jiwon Son 4th place
Michelle Wu 5th place
Esteban Medina 3rd place
Ariana Lee 6th place
Ajay Sachdev  6th place
Vidit Shah  6th place
Alexa Krynski 3rd place
Sophia Sklyar 3rd place
Lucy Zanone 3rd place
Sophia Sklyar 3rd place
Katherine Vandermel 1st place
Dylan Chung 1st place
Nathan Lee 1st place
Victor Amaritei 5th place
Diana Mei 5th place
Emily Zhang 5th place
Valerie Kim 1st place
Aditi Shimpi 1st place
Joonho Jun 1st place
Johnathan Wong 1st place
Trinity Keh 1st place
Nidhi Mandalapu 1st place
Esteban Medina 1st place
Jamie Nassau 2nd place
Vidit Shah 2nd place
Nidhi Mandalapu 4th place
Ajay Sachdev 1st place