AMTAlthough at home during the pandemic, the Bergen County Math Team successfully competed in several Math Competition during the 2019-2020 school year. Here are the highlights:

In the virtual American Regions Math League (ARML) competition, juniors JongWo Jung and Simon Sun correctly answered 8 of 10 questions. As well, Anshul Guha, a non-BCA student who trains with the BCA team, answered 9 of 10 individual round questions correctly, placing in the top 2% of all contestants. The BCA lead team finished in the top twenty. Congratulations for a job well-done!

ARML also organizes a proof-based competition throughout the year for the whole team to work together. This year, BCA finished second place nationwide, just one point behind TJ.

The Purple Comet is a team-based contest that has always run via the internet, at both high school and middle school levels. At the high school level, the BCA team of Dan Kim, Sunay Joshi, Anshul Guha, Derek Zhang, Jason Zhang, and Sameer Pai won their division. For the middle school event, one of BCA’s teams was the only one in New Jersey with a perfect score!

The US Math Competition Association is an alliance of several university-organized math tournaments held throughout the year. This year, BCA qualified for the challenger division of their National Championship. Kudos to Sunay Joshi, JongWon Jung, Daniel Kim, Sameer Pai, Greg Pylypovych, Minkyu Son, Simon Sun, and Derek Zhang for finishing in 6th place.

BCA students are already working to prepare study materials and problem sets to keep each other occupied over the summer in hopes of making 2020-21 another great year for the BCA Math Team!

Faculty advisors:  Mr. Jon Pinyan and Dr. Michael Abramson and coaches