The 2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars have been announced, and 7 BCA students earned a spot in the top 300 list of international students. Please congratulate:

Julie Alan: Using Antihistamines to Target α-synuclein for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Rishi Kumar: Co-Culturing S. cerevisiae and K. marxianus to Bioremediate Copper from Water

Seton Liu: A Novel Role for Fis1-Mediated Mitochondrial Fission in Senolytic Drug Development

Rohit Mantena: The Critical Role of Glutamine Transporter ASCT2 on Parkinson’s Disease Progression

Kannammai Pichappan: A Novel, Non-Invasive, Schwann Cell Supporting Approach to Peripheral Nervous System Degenerative Disease

Isabel Shi: 5G Network High Frequency Radiation Exerts Biological Effects on the Health of Differentiated Neuroblastoma Cell and Silkworm Models

Alexandra Volkova: The Potential of TGF-β and Steroid-Induced Osteoblastic Transdifferentiation of Human Fibroblasts in Replacing the Bone Graft

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