trim logoBCA became a chartered member in 2000
Chapter #3493 Advisor: Mr. Lemma

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Each year, BCA students are recognized for their music participation and achievements through the Tri-M Induction Ceremony, bringing us all together to celebrate our family of musicians! First year inductees receive a membership pin so peers can distinguish them as Tri-M members. Second year members receive a continuing membership certificate suitable for framing or inclusion in college application packets. Third year members receive an exclusive Tri-M tee shirt! Seniors who are current members are loaned a cord or stole to wear at the graduation ceremony (cord for 1st and 2nd year members, cord and stole for 3rd year members).

Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for secondary school students. Founded in 1952, Tri-M has recognized young people through nearly 1,750 chapters in the USA and 16 other countries. Thousands of students have received recognition for their efforts and honor for their musical accomplishments. Currently, there are over 68,000 members world-wide. Tri-M shares and supports the objectives of BCA's music program - to increase student and school involvement with music, to strengthen and unify the school music program, and to provide performance opportunities for their students. Tri-M is a program of NAfME: The National Association for Music Education, which serves millions of students through activities at all teaching levels, from preschool to graduate school.

Yearly Membership Requirements:

1)   participate in 2 trimesters of any BCA band, choir, orchestra or ensemble course during the current year.
2)   *complete three additional music activities within the past 12 months, as specified on the application.
3)   good standing in all music courses (no unexcused absences, cuts, etc.)
4)   grades in music courses of A or A- (grades lower than A- cannot be applied to membership requirements)
5)   submit Tri-M Application, essay, and fee before the May/June deadline.
6)   participate in the Tri-M Induction Ceremony the following October.
7)   membership must be renewed each year.

*examples of additional music activities
- Choose one (accepted and performed with honors ensemble): MEBCI Band/Choir, 
NJSMA Regional, All-State, All-Eastern or All-National Honors Ensemble.
- Choose one (summer music program): music camp, summer music program.
- Choose one (community): religious services, volunteer ensemble (not during summer).
- Choose one (institutional): pre-college, NY Youth, Bergen Youth, Thurnauer. 
- Choose one (studio): masterclass, competition finalist, private lessons (not part of above).
- Any BCA music elective or project as long as it makes three consecutive trimesters when combined with the 2 trimester participation requirement. Chamber Choir is the only eligible club