The AVPA - Visual facilities have everything a student needs to succeed in any artistic endeavor.

Computer Labs

There are two graphics computer labs, each with eighteen 27-inch iMac student stations. Each station is equipped with the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud, including PhotoShop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Animate, and many other tools. Some computers are equipped with Wacom drawing tablets, the Processing IDE, Maya 3-D modelling software, Poser, Arduino and Unity software for game programming; anything needed to help students take their concepts and turn them into reality.

Virtual Reality Lab

Our Virtual Reality facilities feature Windows-based machines that are capable of running our two HTC Vive system. We also have two Oculus Rift systems with Touch controllers. In addition to the Vive, Steam, and Oculus software needed for these devices, our PCs feature packages that include Unity, Autodesk Maya, Quixel, and Arduino, among others. This environment allows our students to explore both the development and application sides of virtual and augmented realities. We also have access to a 3D scanner for hand scanning and an Ultimaker II 3D printer for those times when we need to input to or output from a virtual world.

Video Lab & TV Studio

Our video lab features ten Macintosh workstations that include the following software: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator; these are industry-standard packages that students will encounter in the video production field. Each machine features 16GB of memory, 2TB of video storage, and dual-monitors to ensure that students have the necessary resources to edit without problems. For recording video, students have access to devices that range from hard drive-based Sony field cameras to GoPros. Davis & Sanford tripods, Sennheiser microphones, and Westcott lights round out the accessories that students have at their disposal.

Our TV Studio features three Canon XL (get model number) cameras with teleprompters, a 16-channel Pansonic video switcher, a 16-channel Onyx audio mixer, a SMARTFADE lighting grid, and Sennheiser microphones. There are two backdrops, a small stage, and the capability to do basic green-screen shooting.

Fine Arts Studio

The Fine Arts studio includes everything a student could need for working in traditional media. There are drawing tables, floor and table easels, paints, brushes and other paint resources, as well as sculpting materials and tools. Studio lighting is arranged in the center of the space to assist in life drawing exercises. There are also eight potters’ wheels and a kiln for ceramics. At the entrance to the Studio is an art gallery where students can showcase their works.