The OS-III includes the Blast-Mate, Jr.™ Percussion Shroud - Percussion Shrouds help perfect the lawful use and ownership of solvent trap and auxiliary device thread adapters. Pistol 1″ x 6″ Rimfire .22 Cal Pistol Solvent Trap Kit • A Cell $ 149.99 $ 129.99. Solvent traps do attach to the muzzle of a firearm, but they do not have any design features that could be intended to allow a bullet to pass through them. Select solvent trap cleaning systems at armory den include both a ½ x 28” and a 5/8 x 24” threaded end cap. View. Rimfire; Pistol; Rifle; Sale! JMPF Company. This is our all in one COMPLETE "VIPER KIT" SOLVENT TRAP CLEANING SYSTEM which includes everything you need from start to finish, AND MORE. But is the saving worth it in regards to sound suppression? Now my buddies can get jealous while they wait 5 more months for their form 4s. Veteran Owned and Operated. Please make sure you review the details before purchasing. All ECCO Machine Suppressors are hand made in the USA and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Each person is different, so you may have unique requirements. Click below for our deep discounted items Thanksgiving weekend specials JK Armament™ is located in Bruneau, Idaho and was established in 2019. Does not come with the required spacer. Solvent Trap Kits. ... 9mm 147gr FMJ 20ct $24.19 Optics Planet 9mm 115gr FMJ 200ct $79.99 Optics Planet P.O. Out of stock. It is stated that the intent of a solvent trap during the bore cleaning operations, is to catch and trap gun cleaning solvent. Sale on Solvent Trap ... Gladiator 10" Professional Solvent Trap Kit - Titanium. Best quality of any Titanium tube out there. $ 34.99. We ask customers to please follow all NFA laws, they are not a joke and are easy to comply with. Thinking about eFiling a Form 1 to build a suppressor. KM Tactical offers solvent trap kits at cheap prices. 1/2-28 Titanium Coated Complete Premium Quality Professional Tap and Die Set. Box 402421. from: $ 41 99. Glock Front Sight Installation Tool 3/16" Hex. The external thread will not work with other adapters. : Titanium Mono-Core Solvent Trap Kits / Solvent Catch Kit $249 Order Now! 6″ B-Cell Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit 9mm Pistol. Outside Diameter 1.500″ Inside Diameter 1.360″ We have 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch solvent trap tubes Fast and save some cash. Amazing quality. Are there any caveats I should look out for to prevent self induced problems? Perfect threads with no binding. How much does a solvent trap cost? 1/2 x 28 BORED out to 9MM; Designed to solve the hassle of removing your brake or thread protector to use your solvent trap. Titanium B Mounts. Making the solvent trap into a suppressor is extremely easy, and the e-form 1 through the atf website is a breeze. ... .22 Titanium Solvent Trap $ 219.99 $ 169.99 $ 219.99 $ 169.99 Add to cart Quick View. Machining is perfect. This is a custom made unit which features and includes a DUAL INTERNALLY THREADED 3 D CELL BATTERY SIZED GERMAN ALUMINUM 8.5" TUBE. Rated 4.00 out of 5 $ 269.99 $ 239.99 $ 269.99 $ 239.99 Read more Quick View. A solvent trap is a firearm cleaning system that is designed to capture cleaning solvent in order to be disposed of efficiently. In the pre-internet days (and probably still to this day) solvent trap kits were sold at gun shows with a wink and a nod as do-it-yourself silencer kits. They offer 2 sizes for the connecting end, but they don't offer any information on the baffle size. M-308. ... Wont necessarily save a ton of $$ if you build a titanium setup, QD adapter, and get it cerakoted for a nice finish, but will save a lot of time. If you wish something different than what we have here, visit our “You build it” page and you can create your own custom set-up.