Jacques Ellul was a French theologian/sociologist and anarchist. Some of us do actually take the thoughts beyond the glass tower philosophical place. hosting It turns out the Kenney government's pandemic response has been guided more by political pressure and right-wing ideology than science and expert advice. When a percentage of people are killed, mamied or poisoned for corporate projects only to see that in the next ten or fifteen years many of these projects will already be in need of great repairs. The formation of a mass culture because of technology is worrisome. Because regardless of how or why - this behavior can and is proliferating more than it would otherwise. It really couldn't even be called a cabin, to was just some sort of structure against the elements. If so, I'm not sure that it matters whether the chicken or the egg came first. This belief is not a tool to make a theory or theology work (ie God of the Gaps). At that time, China’s petroleum technology was still in its rudimentary stages. I do not believe in nor was I referring to the illuminati or the bilderberg group, just look over my past posts on this site and you will clearly see I hate conspiracy theory nuts. Even has some comedy and poetice justice in it, about them getting sick (LOL). i was a kid in a candy store - it was sweet as honey but bitter in the belly - that is the right and probably the only combo left in our society for true refection and to remain authenticly human - if you want to live well you will live for God and neigbor and resist the temptation to be an example of the surival of the fittest - jake, Thanks Vlatko I SO wanted to watch this! regarding But its better than what we had when i was younger. We can't deny that everyone will have to get back on the tech pony eventually, but people seem to get some sort of sick enjoyment from watching technology companies suffer through a slowdown. So hot breaking news on the Internet consists of unreliable amateur reports posted in discussion groups. Where is the time saving? His ideas are not too dissimilar to those of Martin Heidegger as expressed in his ''The Question Concerning Technology'' and "The Age of the World Picture". Cant even comment without some wank stain insulting me. It's the new economy, they say. [Music and engineering are both based on math, the art was studied so as to convey engineering ideas to others..]I found that I could pick up the piano and guitar fairly quickly. Few people are aware of the fact that humanity thinks in a dialectical manner. At that time, China’s petroleum technology was still in its rudimentary stages. In fact, I'd say that one of the main uses of scientific knowledge is to rewire our behaviour through advertising and other propaganda in order to sustain the entire facade. You can better see and experience the waste of your own resources. In this one-hour documentary made in Holland, the title refers to the betrayal, the treachery, or treason of technology. This frees us to have more time for recreation and creativity. They were that way in the long past and most are that way now. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0) Is not technology utilized as a tool of the capitalist system that seeks to exploit science and the people for profit and as such, sustain contemporary social structures? If the atom bomb wasn't around humans would simply find another way to kill other humans, same as guns. The police in my area have been caught doing many disingenuous actions, many outright illegal, so, in order to both protect the public and the police, all traffic stops are video and audio taped. I was trying to defend your conception of the gap between the haves and have nots, did not mean to put words in your mouth at all. Advertise | Sounds wonderful, but will never work. I find it absolutely fascinating, sadly there are only a few videos about it on youtube. to It's in control of everything. To understand how technology has betrayed society, just look around at some of the broad promises and see how they were handled. John Dvorak It's incredible. I tried again to watch this with what you had said in mind. I have never felt better than I do now that i have taken control and responsibility for my own life. Rex got an offer from some where in southern California. This is today known as meditation. @steve: "(...)the gap between the haves and have nots is getting wider(...)". Alliance spokesperson Sajad Lone said the move is “a massive assault” on the rights of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and “grossly unconstitutional”. I forced myself to watch this 2 times but I was rather disappointed. And let's never overlook technology's greatest betrayal. Luckily these few simpletons were over ruled by the masses of people that had come to trust in scientific reason and the ability of people to rule themselves, or at least to participate in governing themselves. It sort of implies an authoritarian stance as well as an ideology of fewer choices. At what level of technological deprivation would you be satisfied? My father would start looking for the iodine because in a short time, these 'know it alls' would soon be very sick. It's a betrayal. startup, He is located some where in the vicinity of the greatest Temple of Humanity, the human heart, waiting to be invited in. presence I will write more after watching for a couple more times. betrayal of technology. They wanted the absolute rule by the aristocracy to continue, the church to control the state, and for change to be slower or infact to never take place. But I also agree that it does sometimes seperate us as well and reduce our sense of responsibility. Alberta's chief medical officer of health Thursday said she feels personally betrayed after CBC News reported the contents of secret recordings that … Any way it makes us feel much more dissconnected from the ultra rich prix. I am sorry if you took that way. To this day, I would say that if you have never heard something like Mozart's Requiem played in the same cadence as Jerry Lee Lewis' Whole Lot of Shaken Goin' On or Louie Armstrong's Bring It On Home, you never have heard anything. The Betrayal by Technology is one of the very few existing filmed recordings of Jacques Ellul speaking. Technology is no longer a choice but something that is imposed on us. Meanwhile, average Americans sense some sort of deep corruption in the system. sensible, He first became well-known to American readers when his book The Technological Society was published in English in 1964. you're @Arstotle: I don't agree that technology isolates people from each other. Very pathetic documentary. He says we get upset when a car gets burned because it is sacred, bs. So explain it to me. This quickly deteriorated into a race to see which online publication would be the first to print an Associated Press or Reuters story that was pulled off the wire service and that all the radio stations had already broadcast an hour earlier. for For example This guy; In a room of a house constructed of machined and manufactured materials from the floral wall paper to the nails holding the walls in place. BRAVO, BRAVO !!!! They found the car that hit them, but it was stolen and a bag was found filled with meth and other drug paraphernalia. With Man is relatively new to technology actually, in time we will straighten out the issues it has caused. has to come from a certain company. Thanks to technology no doubt that gap will continue to close, in my opinion. I love some of his architectural designs as well, but I do not believe for one second that everyone would be happier living in them or that a computer should be the ultimate authority over society. They charge extra for such services. I would buy it, for sure. Alberta leads country in active cases, CMOH addresses 'betrayal' of trust. The printing press? This sense of competition comes from actual competition; there really is a constant struggle to secure sufficient resources here, and a significant proportion of my interactions with nearby people involve them trying to secure my resources (e.g. web Hence, they stop buying products. In this one-hour documentary made in Holland, the title refers to the betrayal, the treachery, or treason of technology. Every choice in the history of mankind leads to a different world. I reality it is socialism with a computer calling the shots, thats all. The broken peace of centuries past can destroy people of today at any moment. His disdain for ordinary people throughout is distasteful to say the least. We get upset because no one has the right to destroy another persons property no matter what it is they disagree with. Another word for betrayal. AND, of course, they blamed us for their problems after they ignored our warnings. The only way to express this viewpoint with any credibility at all would be from a self built mud hut while wearing scraps of animal skins and crawling with lice and other vermine. This gives us the illusion that the gap is getting wider, but in reality when you remove these families the situation is much more balanced than ever before. For Anne Boden, the past month has been more than a little hectic. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. The banks should have been paying you to use the service. The hypocracy of any of these anti-technology pundits is profound. But first a person must understand that it is the process of humility and surrender toward being human. It does not impower people in anyway, it takes your power in fact and conviences you that you have a desease that can not be controlled by you. And it does often answer the problem. English transcript of The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul (1992, 54 min), by Jan van Boeckel. As far as the Indians and FYI, I lived the greater part of my youth between three tribes. during I am not sure how opened minded I have to be to not call that a glass tower fantasy. Listen i don't mean to be rude but, I just had a very close friend die from suicide and I am not really in the mood for conversation tonight. Thank you. Jordan Kanygin reports. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Many Green Anarchists have cited Ellul's work on technique as influential on their thought. The effect on your farm and your family is immediate. The whole sordid betrayal was also the subject of a little Shakespearean play you may have heard of. Also, you over generalize and misunderstand belief in the mysterious and indeed in God. Five times a day, tens of millions of phones buzz with notifications from an app called Muslim Pro, reminding users it’s time to pray. His philosophy is used to promote many radical movements. My only concern with him is his love of Marx. The upper 1 % as they say, though i don't know how accurate that is. collaboration It is a powerful means without any moral ends to constrain it. “This is a personal betrayal,” said Hinshaw at her COVID-19 update, adding that her comments were taken out of context and that the discussions are … I got into computers because I was disorganized. 1992, Technology - 54 min 78 Comments. Like those who await the present of God from our exterior view of faith have a very difficult understanding for faith arriving. Essay about common topic essay on use of technology during pandemic. Of course you could not see God as a solution to anything if you think the whole notion of such a personality is foolishness. Not to mention what it did for our understanding of physics and particle theory. Salesforce launches Service Cloud Workforce Engagement, aims to improve forecasting. Windows 10's open-source PowerToys: Video meeting mute tool hit by pandemic, says Microsoft. Again, technology rather than seeking to purely exploit natural laws and resources, might approach nature with due reverence. a I know the tech we have on this little farm sure has made things a lot easier and more productive. The pandemic has stalled an open-source tool to help Windows 10 users quickly mute video calls when home working. I never lived with electricity until I was 16 years old. When chemical, biological and quantum sciences have reorganized the cosmos beyond the ability of life to adapt to it, I'm sure you'll find a clever rationalization for blaming religious people. He is much like one who loves and misses antique automobiles. We just have gotten a studio set up here at my house and can turn out cds of a quality you wouldn't believe for a personal studio. GROUNDWOOD BOOKS THE BETRAYAL OF AFRICA 2 Introduce the … In my opinion this guy is a total wind bag. How do people of this kind manage to gain enough of a following to ever get a book published or be taken seriousely at all? Enjoy. The Betrayal by Technology is one of the very few existing filmed recordings of Jacques Ellul speaking. None do. At risk of sounding bigoted and/or stereotyping any group of people and while each individual person has their own personalities, there was a group think that each tribe displayed and used to their advantage or disadvantage depending on who was doing the viewing. Technology has also gave us the power to utterly destroy, pollute, deforest, over populate and radiation everything. -- We must have, or we would have understood and be right, too. When my family finally moved out of the mountains and into civilization, I became interested in music, art, and engineering. 21/10/2020. Many of the warrior and the farmer Indians got together and built a small town of around 25,000. We are all conditioned by society we live in and when we start to be aware of this we will start to feel more free. home, many A few whites live there and are tolerated because they have married into one of the Indian families. They collect the taxes and maintain the city just as in any other city. You can find plenty of companies that are saving money by using technology, but how many manage to pass the savings along to you? or Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul from Jesus Radicals on Vimeo. Bravo, well said. What he is complaining about is that from the moment we discovered a way to increase almost infinitely our quality of life via technology, we just decided that everything that was thought until then was completely discardable and had no use at all. I agree with much of what you had to say when you described his stance, and I am not saying he doesn't express those views in his writings or other documentaries, but not in this one. In fact, you were doing most of the accounting work and data input yourself. Glass tower fantasist cr*p done only the way that a christian Platonist can do it. Douglas Adams makes the point better than I ever could - "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?". Many early societies practiced human sacrifices in order to appease some god or to increase crop yield. Another word for betrayal. Its the battle between the image (considered by him as idols) and the word, the manipulative force of the image, the dissolution of the force of words and the loss of dialogue. working @ez2b12: Actually that idea of a small group of indecently rich old men in a smoke filled room pulling the strings has no place outside of cheap conspiracy movies. Five times a day, tens of millions of phones buzz with notifications from an app called Muslim Pro, reminding users it’s time to pray. My dad plowed with a mule, not that tractors were not invented- I am only 38, but dad just liked doing it and didn't want to buy a tractor. I'm not a neurologist so I'm not explaining it adequately but they essentially showed that their brains became affected in such a way that their proclivity toward aggression and real life violence would be increased. In order to go back to another time and age, one cannot pick and choose which technology to keep and which to throw away. Even his self grooming all provided and assisted by tech. The audience loved him, he was a good entertainer. very true could'nt be explained any better then this. I worked for a medical wholesale company in their art department. Being 'one with nature' as quite a few would proclaim. 11 years ago "We are rapidly approaching the time when there will no longer be any natural environment at all" (Ellul, p. 79). Often betrayal is the act of supporting a rival group, or it is a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the others. Though not every ceo is gouging the shareholders, too many are doing so in a noticeable way. Most people, when they wish to go back to a past time, want to pick and choose what is kept and what is discarded without realizing that many of the things that they want to keep are reliant on the things they want to get rid of.. If he was on piano, he would break into Mozart, Beethoven, or any other of the classic composers only with the beat and cadence of the song we were just playing. Most of today's Gods are the same Gods of the distant past and many of these God's followers are still living in those centuries of long ago. The problem is : what technology has become to us. Most of them set up their own businesses because of this tribal trait. Betrayal of public trust is only one of a set joined together by the conjunctive word “or.” Under the eiusdem generis rule, words linked together as belonging to a class are understood to have common characteristics. We all attack or defend our points of pain and pride. Unless one was born into the family of the leaders, the chief, the high born, then one's life would be under more control than many people imagine they are under today. Xiao provided the necessary knowledge and know-how of the type of catalysts to be used in oil refining.