Busan metro line PNG Images, Busan Metro Line 1, Busan Metro Line 2, Lyon Metro Line B, Santiago Metro Line 1, Lyon Metro Line C, Barcelona Metro Line 3, Busan Metro Line 4 Transparent PNG. Today Busan Transport Corporation opened a new extension on the city’s metro Line 1. SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics and Busan Transportation Corporation (BTS) have launched South Korea’s first commercially operational LTE-Railway (LTE-R) network for the 41-km Busan Metro line 1 covering 40 stations in the region. You can use your t-money card for Busan metro system. In 2001, Seomyeon – Geumnyeonsan added another 7.7 kms. We hope to see the beach front along the way. Desc: Busan Metro Line 2 is a line of the Busan Metro that crosses Busan, South Korea, from east to west, running along the shores of Haeundae and Gwanganli, and then north toward Yangsan.The line is 45.2 km long with 43 stations. The 2 mains line are Line 1 and Line 2 which you will need to take to visit Hauendae Beach, Jalgalgi Fish Market, Nampo underground Street etc. In 2007 from Hopo to Yangsan other … 3 km Construction of the extension began in late 2009 and cost 959bn won. Two years later, in 1981, construction began on the first phase, between Nopo-Dong (now Nopo) and Beomnaegol, which was finished in July 1985. It is 40.4 kilometres long with 40 stations, and is considered the second longest line of the Busan Metro system, just behind Line 2. Share. See all. … Busan Metro Line 1‎ (41 C, 8 F) 2 Busan Metro Line 2‎ (44 C, 3 F) 3 Busan Metro Line 3‎ (18 C) 4 Busan Metro Line 4‎ (15 C, 3 F) M Maps of the Busan Metro‎ (14 F) R Rapid transit icons of Busan‎ (6 F) Media in category "Busan Metro" The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Information - Busan Metro Line 1 - 3 2 4 Rapid Transit - Logo is a 768x768 PNG image with a transparent background. The more trendier malls are probably in Seoul. The schedule for the first and last trains varies depending on the subway station. Sign Up; Login; Upload; Categories; Colors; Help / FAQ; Busan Metro Line PNG Images 8 results. A ride through the entire line takes about 1 hour 24 minutes. Line 1 operates between Sinpyeong and Nopo and the length of the route is 32.5km. 3 km Construction of the extension began in late 2009 and cost 959bn won. Read more. Line 1 ( Orange Line ): Sinpyeong through Nopo-dong Line 2 ( Green Line ): Yangsan through Jangsan Line 3 ( Brown Line ): Daejeo through Suyeong Line 4 ( Blue Line ): Minam through Anpyeong Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit ( Purple Line ): Sasang through Kaya Univ. ; 4.4 million in metropolitan area) and an important sea port on the southern tip of the peninsula. Most travelers arrive in Busan through Gimhae International Airport, Busan Station or Busan Bus Terminal, which are connected to Gimhae International Airport Station (Busan-Gimhae … 2-Day Busan City Tour Package. 238 views. But with Line 1 going to regions such as Jagalchi Station, Busan Station, Seomyeon Station, Dongnae Station, and Nopo Station, it is deemed as the most popular line of all of the Busan Metro system. The subway system in Busan consists mainly of six different lines: Lines 1 to 4, Busan-Gimhae LRT connecting Busan to Gimhae, and the Donghae Line covering the coast from Seo-myeon through Haeundae to Ilgwang. At 7.98km long, there are six new stations on the extension, Dongmae, Jangnim, Sinjangnim, Natgae, Dadaepo Harbor and Dadeapo Beach. The line uses trains that have six cars each. 100% (1/1) Seomyeon. We are making a day trip from Seoul to Busan using the free Visit Korea Year shuttle bus.