“Sailors”, for example, invented a lot of vivid phrases, which related to the ocean. When you wear masks and apply lipstick at the same time (wait for it) #shorts, When you thought the boss is not in (watch to the end) #shorts, (Wait for it…) When You ‘加饭’ to Fried Rice #shorts, Anyone old enough to remember this ad? The purpose of this article is not, however, to delve into the etymology of each saying. Chinese Idiom Dictionary free download - Talking Dictionary, Dictionary, iFinger Collins English Dictionary, and many more programs This one may be very familiar with some of you, when your Chinese teacher used this on you when you refused to do your Chinese homework. Don’t think you can escape that question once CNY is over. If they were dissatisfied, the same people could easily overthrow the leader. But don’t let that stop you from trying to be as Chinese as possible like you’ve been doing for CNY. This is a good phrase to use for any friend about to make a big, spontaneous decision, like an elopement in Vegas. Everyone knows you’re not going to touch Chinese stuff until the next holidays. shuǐ néng zài zhōu, yì néng fù zhōu Congratulations! "practice makes perfect" or "shun4 feng1" Search 1 ài rén rú jĭ  Oh my God, what is that word? Chinese Idioms and Proverbs In Chinese they are called “chéngyǔ“ — a 4 character idiomatic expression often revealing a truth or perspective whose origins are based on stories or historical quotations. Read this article in the Goody Feed App now! It may not be romantic love, but both cultures celebrate the importance of the Golden Rule. English Translation: He always does business in a Light bright, right, big manner, and never lies. Chengyu, Chinese idioms, are a kind of traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions. Most idioms come from the ordinary people’s daily life. 废 [fèi ] in English translation is to give up or throw away. Chinese version: One look and deep in love. 100 People in Thailand Might Have Come in Contact With COVID-19 Cases; Authorities Urge... MAS Urging Households to Exercise Prudence When Buying Big-Ticket Items Due to Economic Uncertainties, Leaked Documents Allegedly Reveal How China Mishandled COVID-19 During Its Early Stage, This Hokkien + Chinese PPAP Tutorial is Funny AF, This CNY, You’ll Lose Your Pants if These Chinese Zodiac Signs Deal in Blackjack. English Translation: You’ll often see mirages while walking in the desert. 不可得兼 (bù kě dé jiān): “you can’t have both at the same time”. These idioms are not only Each Chinese idiom carries profound meaning, and knowing how to use them will help you sound just like a native Chinese speaker. The chart has video explanations for difficult sounds and audio demonstrations for all 400+ Mandarin sounds! English: Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day. You just translate them simply and the meaning is obvious. The implied meaning here is actually to profit from others’ efforts, so really, nothing’s free. ex. Just be careful not to get swept away, as both English and Chinese speakers recognize the dangers of infatuation when you fall in love at first sight. Oh dear. (Of course, you can also remind the team that “all press is good press.”), Chinese version: Carrots in winter and ginger in summer, then the doctor won’t have to write a prescription. Chinese idioms often appear to be written with a special type of compressed grammar, and may therefore be difficult to interpret. in. 学如登山 However, there is only scant research regarding the teaching of English idioms among Chinese students and translation strategies between English and Chinese idioms. High and far what now? Additionally, chicken feathers and garlic peels can be used to discuss any trifling matter or superficial conversation. Also, different ways of translation on different diet idioms in English and Chinese will be analyzed in this article. Why Motivation is Overrated When Learning a New Language. Then he went back to Guangzhou and continued his English teaching in Zhongshan University, and afterwards in the Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute until he retired in 1977. This proverb originated from a Q and A with Confucius. To be honest though, why would you build a car with your door open? I mean it does, but it has nothing to do with the steamboat. Drink water think of the source. English idioms, proverbs, and expressions are an important part of everyday English. This work is the result of his many years' collection of and comparison between Chinese and English phrases, idioms … Who in the right mind would play piano for cows? Hit the sack. Used in sentence: 若不知道他的地址,要想在新加坡找到他真是如同海底捞针。. You just … But what’s funny in English may not be quite as funny in Mandarin Chinese and vice versa. This one means to have gratitude and think of where your happiness comes from. Those two words both mean see. But even in language, there are some cool coincidences. The example is literally about a desert, what the heck, Chinese? Which is exactly how you use this. No cure. it works with chinese, pinyin and english. When talking about an event that is impossible, Westerners turn to flights of fancy, and the Chinese to astronomical upheaval. 乌 is a crow and鸟 is a bird. This Chinese idiom is used … (For example, ni3 hao3 -> nǐ hǎo), Already have an account? A warlord during the Three Kingdoms period, cáo cāo (曹操) has been praised as a brilliant strategist and fair ruler, but Chinese opera also represented him as cunning and deceitful. That is apparently how the Chinese smile: with their goddamn eyebrows. She enjoys cooking, hiking, and climbing big rocks. 冬吃萝卜夏吃姜, 不用医生开药方. How to Know If Someone is Lying (Body Language) Based on Studies! “There’s always a few bad apples” Idiom on its own: 鱼龙混杂 (yú lóng hùn zá) Was there seriously a guy who played piano for some cows? Come on! #shorts, Fried Rice, Correct What? Did You Know You Can Use Yoyo Chinese Like a Mobile App? English Translation: He refuses to listen to reason, no cure now. 成语 Chéngyǔ are a type of traditional Chinese idioms typically made up of four characters.. There’s over 5000 (!) We don’t recommend overusing these at the risk of trying to fit in, but slide them in once in awhile during your conversations! Read more about The Unique Way Chinese People Talk About Health Matters, Chinese version: Think three times. ", It's also interesting to note that the second half of the idiom is often omitted in English. 6 Awesome Authentic Chinese Foods You Need to Know About. Okay, so let’s be … Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. So the CNY holidays have ended for most of you, and your routine obligations like work and school have begun again. In the Chinese version, kitchen scraps like chicken feathers and garlic peels are used. Now go out there and wow your friends and family with your dedication to Chinese culture. 一石二鸟, Chinese version 2: One arrow two hawks This one actually means to do things blindly, outside of reality. the Sources of Chinese and English Idioms. Feel free to browse our complementary resources! Welcome back everyone to this new Chinese idiom animation lesson from Tales from China! 一箭双雕. © 2020 Yoyo Chinese Inc. All Rights Reserved. This is why it’s important, as a learner, to try and learn a bit more about Chinese slang and idioms . In the alternative saying, the birds are somewhat bigger and the act of shooting an arrow somewhat harder. Chinese idioms are deeply rooted in legacies and traditional culture, making the Chinese language more rich and fascinating. 鸡毛蒜皮. When you travel abroad, you're ready to experience entirely new cultures and try all of the exotic cuisine and activities. This Chinese Idiom refers to someone who has the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity. Explanation: Easily translated between Chinese and English, this ancient insight emphasizes that teaching someone a skill, rather than simply procuring the reward for them, is the best way to help them achieve lifelong success. Chinese Insults: How to Name-Call Like a Pro (Part 1). dōng chī luó bo xià chī jiāng, bú yòng yī shēng kaī yào fāng (Watch till the end!) Because idioms don't always make sense literally, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the meaning and usage of each idiom. Its usage today, however, does not necessarily have religious ties. Stop thinking about food. Speaking of those insignificant chickens… they really just can’t compare with a crane. "practice makes perfect" or "shun4 feng1" Search 1 The idiom "哪壶不开提哪壶 (nǎ hú bù kāi tí nǎ hú)" literally means "to pick the kettle that is not boiling." This idiom arose out of the belief that cáo cāo (曹操) had many eyes and ears everywhere, and moved with unbelievable speed. 4. 笑里藏刀: Hide a dagger behind a smile. Ok, these complicated Chinese words need to stop. Here’s a much deeper kind of love to focus on. Please share in the comments below! Originally, it was a reminder that leaders were kept afloat by the populous that supported them. An additional note: This expression can also be used as a question to express your surprise at an uncommon incident. This means every house and family knows, referring to something being very well known. After the list of chengyu is generated, if you click on them you can see more information and the explanation (in Chinese).