Re: “don’t be impressed unless they went to one of the top schools,” I disagree. The answer isn’t that every single thing that Jessie does has to be redone by someone else. Not only is this going to cause your firm to lose credibility in the legal community and with judges, it could cost your clients their cases. That goes for me, even with my years of experience. “Health issues” sound like a world away from what the OP is describing, which are weak critical thinking skills (not the spelling errors, but the inability to draw correct conclusions from documents, etc.). Just read docs and click a button whether they’re relevant or not. And, like, cleaning my own apartment. What tools/techniques do you use to check your work? Hiring someone for editing for things like typos is one thing. Simbline. I hear you. Is conscientious and detail-oriented.. 0. I have friends from law school who pivoted to other careers. She needs to slow down! Transposing the names of the parties is also a problem. In order for the written feedback on your evaluations to have a long-lasting impact, you […] If there is a personal or medical issue you think is causing them, I need to know that so I can try to help you.” But that is as far as I’d go. Depending on what state the OP is in, there are likely rules of professional responsibility that govern OP’s supervision of his/her junior attorney. I’m not a lawyer – I pay someone to do things I don’t understand and assume they do them correctly. Calling him on it points out to him that it is his problem to correct. I used to miss stuff all the time at work but essentially forced myself to become more organised by making sure key checks were always done. I was told it wasn’t my job. So, you would do steps 1-9, checking off each item as you do it. —First time: Ok, new/first job. Right?! Warning Letter Examples for Disrespectful Conduct. There’s only so much good advice, and hard work, and double-checking can do when a person is suffering from a basic lack of IQ points. That strikes me as not at all reasonable. I also think that most people would benefit from a few years in a non-attorney legal position to see what the lifestyle of law is really like before committing or even basic work experience before law school. It is really on individual adults to decide when something in their life is causing them serious problems, not responsive to their efforts to change it, and is something they actually want to fix, including possibly with medical attention. Like you, I am high-functioning and was successful in my field before my diagnosis, but some things in my personal life changed, and it got a lot harder to function. I have no idea. I think the LW can offer “Is there any other way I can help you with this?” but then it’s on the employee. Taking the client’s word for what their evidence says? And some people with low LSATs turn out to be great lawyers – because the LSAT measures next to nothing that is useful. – Go through and redo all the dates Honestly, I think Jessie just can’t hack it. Re: ADHD – I know we’re not supposed to diagnose. If my job was to talk on the phone all day, every minute would be torture. Oh op, kudos for your dedication. This is so true. If, instead, the list said “pick everything up of the floor, put all the cups in the dishwasher, pile every piece of paper in one spot and then sort them into specific categories X, Y, and Z”… suddenly I can clean like a functional human being. Considering how long it’s going to take me to repay my law school loans, that’s a truly terrifying prospect for me! —I don’t think OP (or anyone else at the company) should ask her if she has been, or suggest that she get evaluated. It sounds to me like there may also be a processing issue going on, if the missing funds issue was an egregious one where it did not require a forensic accountant or likewise, just someone noticing that numbers don’t add up. If typos are fireable, then have a typing test as part of the hiring process. If you think that might be the issue, that would maybe be a way of helping – seeing if she can better manage her time so that she can review everything thoroughly enough. We do these for pilots, astronauts, surgeons and all sorts of folks in life or death situations, so why not here as well? Sure, but if I think I completed step 10 because I started it I might check it off in error. You owe them the best representation you can reasonably provide and if you’re keeping someone on who’s missing key points, that’s not happening. That is the key part. The only giveaway that I haven’t wrote this comment myself is that I do not have a psychiatrist and I am not medicated, so I am getting by any other coping methods I can find. It might be a case that s/he can try this approach, emphasize how important this is and that she might lose her job, and that this is a viable method to try. My take is that I was able to help who wanted to learn, but there’s nothing I can do to help those who do not want to be helped. And just some sympathy for the OP. I’ve had a couple of small mistakes before as an attorney. I have to wonder if she’s always been this way. A year later, as I struggled day in and out in a marketing role, I realised I was a horrible fit for marketing, where empathy and people skills were necessary. I am definitely going to take Alison’s advice and speak to her seriously about it when I’m back from my trip. I said, “Look, the court clerk might let this pass, and they might not be perjuring themselves. Maybe the fact that basic, important corrections need to be made in the first place should tell you that I have no reason to just trust they’ll be fixed….