It is a mid north west thing. Hmph. Guess I’m the only one who has the humor of a 6-year-old tee hee. Do please keep the image above in mind as you read this, because I warn you, boiled boxty goes through an ugly phase. Jeanne: the world record holder is indeed quite the dumpling – and while I wouldn’t try to make a dumpling of *that* size at home, the regular ones are quite do-able – you will have to give them a whirl sometime! that is one giant dumpling. Boxty is the traditional Irish fare for Shrove Tuesday or Feast of All Saints. I’ve got to try this weekend for brunch. Lori: I know how you feel about dumplings :) You’ll have to add boxty to your must-try list next time you get to Ireland. It is thought that boxty dates back to the days or the Irish famine, presumably to make the potatoes stretch further. I’ve made gnocchi before, which I assume is kind of like this and man is it ever a tedious task! wow that’s a big boxty. Knead for a good 3-4 minutes - this is important for the future coherence of your dumplings. I am ashamed to say I have never heard of boxty. You got my vote for sure. Then squeeze them out, catching the liquid in a dish which must be allowed to stand so that the potato starch may settle. The dough in mid-air was a particularly lucky shot I thought – I love it myself :). The boxty place in templebar is pan boxty stuffed with savory fillings. So I consider this a twofer. The dough in mid-air was my proudest moment :). Sarah: definitely a weekend kind of thing – enjoy! Thanks and good luck! There are a couple of different recipes, but all contain finely grated, raw potatoes served fried. 87: FIVE signs your Bread Dough is Fully Kneaded, Before and After - Bake with Jack - Duration: 8:44. Whit: guess I do have a little ‘ol niche there – glad you like it! I can’t vouch for the deliciousness or otherwise of the giant dumpling but mine did taste pretty good :D. Boxty is something I would love to make very soon so definitely bookmarking this! Composed of grated raw potatoes, mashed cooked potatoes, with flour added as a binding agent, Boxty is either fried in a pan or browned on a griddle. Boxty (bacstaí or arán bocht tí in Irish meaning “poor-house bread” ) is a traditional Irish potato pancake. I’ve never had a potato dumpling (sad), but you (and your fried egg) have encouraged me to give it a go for breakfast one of these weekends. I have never herad from this potato specialty before,..!! Voted! For this version, make the potato mixture exactly as per the recipe above. The dish is mostly associated with the north midlands, north Connacht and southern Ulster, in particular the counties of Mayo, Sligo, Donegal (where it is known locally as poundy or poundies; also known as potato bread in Ulster), Fermanagh, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan. Feast of St. Brigid, Virgin (Ireland) (NZ, Opt. I prefer the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess from using only mashed potatoes, so I skip the grating step. If you don’t want to make dumplings, you can bake the dough instead. This is not bad, what I would do differently is add a good 2/3 cup of sugar. they look delish! Such great photos! (And I had no idea that potatoes discolored like that!! Well appreciated, my friend. Shall be trying later :). Boxty on the pan. There are some variations on the classic recipe, such as boiling the patty like a dumpling … Boxty is a rural Irish concoction, said to have originated during the Irish famine. you’ve got my vote! An excellent tutorial – you’ll be making the next round for sure! Many recipes will have you add grated potatoes to the mashed potatoes, making your boxty a hybrid between a pancake and a hash brown. The endresult looks so tasty though!! Marisa: Butter absolutely makes everything better :) And if you like the pancake version, I think you’ll love this. Thankfully, in the late 1850’s the potato returned to the Irish landscape & has been back ever since & with in the resurgence of traditional potato dishes, including boxty. But the core of it is constant: it contains in rough measure 1/3 mashed potato; 1/3 grated raw potato (in times past surely a … I LOVE that picture with the dough suspended in the air, by the way. Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake from County Mayo and all other northern countries of Ireland. I like that, even though it’s a very short ingredient list, you get to do many cooking verbs to it. Drumully Boxty dumplings are used by slimmers as part of their lifestyle choices. A warm potato salad with chickpeas, broccoli, feta and Middle Eastern flavour and a return to the blogwaves of La Spud - what's not to like? Mariko: Thank you! Picture perfect indeed. Good luck!! Wrap the grated potato in a clean tea towel and wring well to get rid of any excess liquid. :). Looks delicious. Miguel Agustín Pro (USA). I made recipe... Love the idea of using them as garnish - takes bangers and mash to another level! The Steps: Wash and peel half your potatoes and cut into roughly even-sized slices, around 1-2cm thick. I’m still trying to get the hand of this aperture/shutter speed! You’ve won me over with your beautifully boiled boxty. Mash the cooked potatoes over the raw, and season with salt. )You’ve got my vote! Excellent post – you got my vote for this! And black pudding is a highly appropriate accompaniment. In which, for Project Food Blog, I demonstrate the making of boiled boxty with rather a lot of pictures. Boxty is one of those dishes that hark back to times past, when food was simple and nurturing. The next day, slice your dumplings, fry in butter and eat.The fried egg is optional but highly recommended. Also really groovin’ on the presentation (The Cast and The Crew etc) and that shot of the floating dumpling! Used the same procedure as Boxty Bread. Bella 6th grade. Ben: I do believe boxtied is the appropriate term (with variations ‘well boxtied’, ‘completely boxtied’ and ‘boxtied beyond belief’ etc.). It sounds delicious. Worth a look for all you New York potatophiles… ’Potasia: Potatoism in the East’- upcoming exhibition…, Magic evening at the launch of the fab-looking. So thanks for introducing a totally new potato food to me! Surprise, surprise, you'll need to wash and peel your spuds first. Boxty can be described as a potato cake, or sometimes a pancake, an indication of the fact that there are many recipes and variations on a theme for the dish. Form into small balls the size of an egg, drop them into boiling salted water and cook them for forty-five minutes. I love the one of the ball of dough flying through the air. There was just one teeny problem, though…. Turn and cook until second side is brown, about 3 minutes. It has been served at Irish tables for a long time now and, as with many other foods around the world like dumplings or pizza, this meal was created to feed a family using affordable everyday ingredients. The thing is, boiled dough is never pretty, but it is thoroughly redeemed by a visit to the frying pan in the company of butter (which makes everything better). You’ve got my vote! Serve with a sweet sauce. Method. Wash and peel the raw potatoes and grate them onto a piece of cheesecloth. jenn: It sure is one helluva dumpling alright :D Be sure to enjoy those spuds, now! Paul & Nan Farrelly have been making Drummully Boxty … Boxty Traditions. Our editorial voice, always faithful to the teachings of the Church, assists and inspires Catholic clergy and laity. I still have not had boxty, but I have yet to meet any type of dumpling that I didn’t like. Breakfast, Brunch, Recipes, Spud Sundays, Vegetarian, Go, Team Spud!! Bella: why thank you, very kind of you to drop by and say so! The mother and son team were the first producers of gluten free Boxty, which is now a favourite for coeliacs all over the region. We would be delighted if you could add your blog to Petitchef so that our users can, as us, enjoy your recipes. Found on the Sligo/Donegal borders, in Cavan and over the border into Tyrone, Fermanagh and Derry, Boxty was a common dish which made the most of Ireland’s most famous crop, the humble spud. Lovely to have you back with us :), Jun: you’re welcome of course – seriously, the best part about PFB is getting to know other blogs and other bloggers; when all the dust has settled, that’s what will remain…. This is what you're aiming for:Boiled boxty, sliced, fried and eaten (among other things) with a nicely fried egg.You like? Boxty is the perfect solution for leftover mashed potatoes and is sure to put a smile on any Irish person's face! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! Then place the mixture in a 2-pint loaf tin or cast-iron casserole / dutch oven, lined with parchment paper, and bake at 200C for about an hour, until lightly golden on top and fairly firm to the touch. In a small bowl, place the flour, baking powder and salt; set aside. In fact the boxty is made from very simple ingredients: finely grated, raw potatoes, flour, baking soda, milk or … Your wonderfully informative post could not have come soon enough. Bake with Jack 196,875 views Sophie: So sorry to hear you were ill – I hope you’re feeling much better now! “Y’know, this kind of thing could inspire a boiled boxty craze,” I thought to my spud-self. Rinse them under cold water. your boxty and eggs look delicious! In fact Pádraic Óg, he of the world record and who runs a boxty restaurant, tells me that he has made a version of boxty with black pudding in the mix that is rather good. Oh boy, I loved your post! The Cast:You'll need spuds, flour, salt and butter, no more, no less.The spuds do need to be floury - the higher starch content will help to hold the dumplings together. Kudos to you for making this! Boxty, or stamp as they are sometimes called, have a long tradition in Ireland, going back almost to the introduction of the potato in the 17th century. :) I think I’ll have me a couple spuds for dinner tonight. emily: Truth is the potatoes wouldn’t get to discolour quite as much as that if the cook wasn’t busy taking photographs at the same time! News, analysis & spirituality by email, twice-weekly from It's dough time!To your raw and mashed potatoes, add salt and enough flour to form a dough. 500g potatoes, preferably a floury variety (try Roosters or Kerr’s Pink or, in the U.S., try Russets), 0.25 tsp salt plus more for boiling the potatoes. :) Good luck this round! I might add a bit of fried bacon to go with the fried dumplings and fried egg. Patty: Aw, thank you so much! however, yours look more delicious! Who knew! Great pictures! Definitely I will try it some day! A tasty healthy, low fat convenient and versatile meal solution. Boxty dumplings and cakes - since 1983! Gotta love that. From our family to yours - Traditional Irish Drummully Boxty Dumplings and Pan Boxty. Roll out thin; cut in narrow strips and pinch off pieces about an inch or so long. I am mostly keeping my votes private this time round, but I’ll tell you (cuz you’re you) that you have my vote for sure. For a start, I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was even such a thing as a world potato dumpling record. GREG, PS A tutorial on frying an egg as perfect as your would have gotten my attention too. great work on the boxty. Yah, you made it to the next round! Boxty on the griddle. We bumped into your blog and we really liked it – great recipes YUM YUM. Saved by The Daily Spud Quick Recipes Potato Recipes Vegetable Recipes Cooking Recipes Dumplings Veggies Vegetarian Tasty Favorite Recipes These come with a bona fide seal of breakfast approval :). And of course you’ve got my vote! Cook over medium-low heat until boxty is golden brown on bottom and slightly puffed, about 3 minutes. Next, add in the grated potato and mix again. Leave to stand for five minutes (this will help the batter thicken a little). I think we will need t-shirts. First time I see this !! Am liking the sound of the boiled & fried slices though and agree – butter makes everything better. At Drummully Boxty we are committed to providing high quality products to our customers. “And when that craze hits, I want to be right up there.”. Dina: thank you, they were pretty damn tasty :). Fiona: No need to be ashamed – I will admit to being a latecomer to the world of boxty myself! I’ve used Pádraic Óg Gallagher’s formula for boiled boxty here. Several hundred Blogs are already members and benefit from their exposure on It isnt just a leitrim thing. In Irish it is called Bacstai or Aran bocht-ti meaning "poor-house bread". GREG, Weekend menu set, boo ya! Just returned from holiday in Ireland, made 5 trips there and first time having Boxty ( Bricían restaurant & Boxty... Add shallots to the baking mix for a superb bonus tang and texture. Foodbuzz not working. Pour off the potato liquid carefully; then scrape up the potato starch at the bottom of the dish and add to the potato mixture. You already know I voted for you, so I’m popping in to admire that gorgeous boxty again and to wish you all the best for the next round. We would like to add it to the 5 Star Foodie: Any questions about boxty-making, this is the place to be :) Hope we’ll both be there in the next round! A lot of recipes for boxty call for wrapping the grated potato in a tea towel and wringing out the moisture, but I’ve never seen it make much of a difference and the extra starch actually helps bind vegan boxty. Home of Irish food since 1989 now open for delivery and takeaway! ; Bring back to the boil and reduce to a simmer. Mem. This is a whole new realm in cooking potatoes I have never discovered. There was only one thing for it – I needed to get my boiled boxty skates on and fast. :D, Hey Jenni, I don’t think I can quite compete with the list of verbs that you used for your biriyani, but I managed to get in quite a few all the same :). Thanks for a tasty-looking lesson. Boxty (Irish: bacstaí) is a traditional Irish potato pancake.The boxty served at the Boxty House in Temple Bar Dublin, is a traditional type found in the border counties of Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh.In the north midlands, north Connacht and southern Ulster, in particular, the counties of Mayo, Sligo, in Donegal it is known locally as poundy or poundies. and it looks yummy !! Work in enough flour to make a good dough and knead for a few minutes. I’m sure you are going to move to the next round. gastroanthropologist: oh gosh, yes, this is perfect with fried bacon and/or fried in bacon fat instead of butter. Petitchef is a french based Cooking recipes Portal. “Boxty in the Griddle” Traditionally, there are three different ways boxty can be made: in a hot pan, baked as a loaf in the oven, or boiled & shaped like a dumpling. I can’t wait to make them. Simmer gently, covered, for around 12-15 minutes or until just fork-tender. That just seems wrong tbh. One could also use..., Tweets that mention Boxty, Boiled --, approx. Cristina: thanks and good luck to you too – wonder how this boxty would work with some of your tempered chocolate ? And he should know all about it, being a world record holder ‘n’ all. It's a potato pancake made with flour and egg. It’s brilliant how just about anything coming out of this recipe can be ‘sliced and fried’. I’ll admit, I’ve only eaten boxty once since we have a dearth of good Irish pubs around here (such a shame). I’m glad I saw this so I can bookmark it for later. A ricer is best for mashing the spuds, plus you’ll need a grater for grating the raw potatoes. In a large mixing bowl, combine the mashed potatoes with the grated raw potato, then add the flour and mix well. <p>An old verse says “Boxty on the griddle, / Boxty in the pan, / If you can’t make boxty, / You’ll never get a man.” Boxty, occasionally spelled Boxdy, is basically a potato cake, eaten mostly in the north of Ireland, especially in counties Cavan, Fermanagh… Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake dish, with its origins in north midlands, north Connacht and southern Ulster, and in particular in the counties of Mayo, Sligo, Donegal, Fermanagh, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan. Makes 3 dumplings, which will serve 4-6 as part of a fry-up. Boxty In The Oven. Pádraic Óg: But of course – and sure you’ll come in for special mention in my acceptance speech as well! Cornucopia on Wicklow St used to serve boxty in their breakfast menu. Consider me officially coo-coo for boiled boxty (boxtied?). Emerging from a dormant phase, The Daily Spud returns with news of upcoming spud events, including this year's Spud-Off Mór in West Kerry, the Comber Earlies Festival in NI and …, The Big Dig - where an X-shaped lazy bed will be dug & planted w/ potatoes as a temporary Famine memorial - takes place @ The Irish Famine Museum, Strokestown …. But I like it…I’m thinking it would also go well with black pudding? I have never had boiled boxty but those buttered and fried in the pan look perfect for breakfast. I was ill the last 10 days but now, I am back in the blogging’s world! Bring about 1.25l of water to the boil in a saucepan, add about 1.5 tsp salt and the potato slices. Not only did I learn what boxty is but I learned how to make them! Joanne: Was happy to stop by and read your canned pumpkin and pizza adventures :) And, y’know, I have often thought of boxty dumplings as giant gnocchi – similar in some ways though quite a different beast in others! I think I must try it for sure,..Yummm! Wow, that world record holder is quite a dumpling! And of course it tastes good (as if you needed to ask). They put lumps of bacon in their loafs in Fermanagh. Simmer gently, covered, for around 12-15 minutes or until just fork-tender. You’ll never get a man. Thanks so much for stopping by (and for voting of course – much appreciated). Sophia: Thank you! The Crew:A ricer, a grater, a frying pan.I'm also going to assume that you have a pot, a bowl and a knife or two, 'k? Or that a new such record was set just this past week in Ireland. Thanks for sharing this special post with us!! Ireland’s regional traditional recipes remind us of our diverse culinary heritage. Your eye for the cusp of trendiness is keen, indeed. These dumplings look so fun to make and I love that photo of a dumpling seemingly defying gravity! and the bit about the world record holder for the largest potato dumpling! Lovely! So, before long, I was mashing and grating, kneading and shaping, boiling and frying, and generally channeling my inner dumpling. I’m eating some more as I type and it’s damn good stuff! Want a link from my site when you win! Once that's done, you put the grated potatoes in a clean tea towel and squeeze for dear life - you really need to remove as much liquid as you can from the spuds.Oh, and potatoes and their liquid do discolour, don't worry about it. ), Clement I; Columban; Bl. The happy result is that I can now present, for your delectation and the delectation of crazed boxty lovers everywhere, boiled boxty à la Spud. It was a great step by step recipe. In that case, add about 25g of. :-). Very nice work. The boxty used in the Victioria Hall wrap, is crepe like. Those boiled boxty crazies would find me in their google search results but discover that, while I had made such things as pan boxty and loaf boxty, I had never made the boiled kind. Shape your dough into dumplings, roughly the size of a tennis ball.Compact each dumpling by throwing it forcefully from one hand to the other a few times. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing when you advance to the next round! Instructions. Transfer the grated potato to a mixing bowl, add the cold mashed potato and mix until well combined. To add your site to the Petitchef family you can use or just go to and click on “Add your site”, Anna: thanks, much appreciated, even though, as it turns out, I didn’t move on to the next round – oh well….