Once you’ve paid this fee you need to keep proof on you. These include: That’s about it, but it's a good idea to check the latest rules in case things have changed. In winter, fishing is also quite effective, but the conditions of fishing due to cold weather become close to extreme. In waterways you are only permitted to use worm, lure, spinner, wobbler or fly … The same rules must be followed when fishing near a tow-net or a seine enclosures that … The booklet “Fritidsfiske” published by Friluftrådet can be obtained at tourist offices. In waterways you are only permitted to use worm, lure, spinner, wobbler or fly as bait. that it is not permitted to fish by jerking and that in relation to this conditions have been introduced regarding hook size (single hook max 15mm from the shank to the point and double/triple hook max 13mm). www.friluftsradetvest.no Read more: The salmon rivers of Trøndelag. Fishing in Norway; Sea angling in Norway. If you can’t decide what type of fishing you fancy then you probably want to head to the region of central Norway. You can also purchase them online. This incredible feat of engineering is worth a visit in itself. You will find all the rules on use of equipment in the national regulations. Fishing in Norway has long been an important part of the economy. #####INVITATION&RULES## Even an average angler can fill a bag of delicious pollock and mackerel in an hour or so! General fishing laws apply, except: B. S-2, S-3, S-11, S-19, S-22. Altaelva – the Alta River – is such an incredibly beautiful place that it can’t fail to take your breath away. This fee goes into a fund that maintains stocks of these species to ensure great opportunities for anglers. These agreed arrangements will ensure continuation of fishing operations for both Parties in each other's waters from 1 January 2020. Violation of this rule may result in a fine. These can easily be found online, and some are only protected at certain... Certain other species such … Whether you fancy echo-sounding the ocean for sea bass, casting your flies for salmon in a river, or you want to throw some worms in a lake while you snooze on the shore, Trøndelag has experiences to suit all types of angling. Are you planning a fishing trip in Norway? Rules and Regulations, Standards and Guidelines Governing The Offshore Drilling Industry in Norway and UK Waters Executive Summary The ‘scope of work’ requested by Jamstec through JDC was to provide a List of Rules and Regulations, Standards and Guidelines that govern the Offshore Drilling Activity for Norway and the United Kingdom Waters. Find your local tourist information office. Words of Norway tells the stories of Norway to the world, and helps Norwegian companies do the same. Even today, fishing and its related industries make up a sizeable part of the economy. The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information. Every year, enthusiastic fishermen of all ages go north to find their own private lake, full of trout and other fish. From September 1 to April 30 – Only Sinking, Floating and Sink-tip fly lines are allowed. But Norway is also lucky enough to have many freshwater lakes and rivers that are clear, unpolluted and teeming with fish. Release of halibut. But some spots are available for visitors in some parts of the river. One of the many perks of living in such an incredible place is that they allocate most of the fishing spots to locals. UK and Norway have signed continuity agreement which enables UK vessels to continue fishing in Norwegian waters after 31 October. that there is a national fishing license fee to be paid for the fishing of salmon, sea trout and sea char. It’s estimated that around 35 million people are fed every day by Norwegian fish and seafood! When fishing in Norway, you’re likely to come across Cod, Halibut, and Trout. You are here Things to do Sports & adventures Fishing Regulations & permits. INDIAN POND, Big Moose Twp, Chase Stream Twp, Indian Stream Twp, Sapling Twp (North Zone). Safety at sea. When fishing for salmon, trout sea char - keep in mind: When fishing for freshwater fish, you must remember: Remember to check with the Directorate for Nature Management for up to date laws and regulations. Spearfishing with scuba gear is widespread among recreational divers. These can easily be found online, and some are only protected at certain times of the year, but broadly this includes spiny dogfish, basking shark, porbeagle, blue ling, lobster, bluefin tuna, silk shark, eel, wrasse, halibut, lumpfish and redfish, Certain other species such as cod and haddock have minimum sizes. From May 1 to August 31 – Only Floating Fly Lines Permitted. Let us know in the comments! National fishing rules in Norway for freshwater fishing. that you are not permitted to use poison, explosives, electrical current, firearms (except for catching pike), spears or similar tools, or artificial light (except for catching eel and crayfish). Prop. Fancy a fishing trip to Norway? General fishing la… The landscape that inspired the makers of Frozen, The Fjord Pilgrim Route – from Viking to pilgrim, Star-studded culinary experiences in Fjord Norway, Roundtrips by car or by public transportation, Top 11 viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes, A landscape shaped by the Ice Age in Sognefjord, Waterfalls, fjords and glaciers in Hardanger, The new Viking age is packed with activities, Fun facts about Norwegians and the Vikings, Accommodating your dreams: 10 standout hotels, Holidaying with children in South West Norway, Autumn is the perfect time for a trip with friends, The most Instagram-friendly places in Fjord Norway. In fact the cod oil industry is so important that during the war it was a target for an allied raid, Operation Claymore. You must not sell your catch. Construction of the road began in 1983 and the road opened in 1989. Norway has a relatively large ratio of coastline to population, and has one of the most liberal spearfishing rules in the northern hemisphere. The first thing you need to decide on is the type of fishing, as rules differ. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started. that freshwater fishing in waterways where salmon, sea trout or sea char are present, the same rules as for catching these species apply. Your email address will not be published. INDIAN LAKE, Whiting (South Zone). When fishing for salmon, sea trout or sea char, you must remember the following regulations. The booklet contains information and maps and a good overview of places for sea and freshwater fishing. INDIAN POND, Greenwood (South Zone). High season runs from May until the end of summer. The first location is the northern part of Norway, near Tromsø. There are also family options if you’re taking your whole clan! During this time, you’ll find the waters chock full of happy, healthy fish waiting for you to cast your rod. to buy a fishing permit or obtain permission from the owner of the fishing rights in the area. To provide you with the best experience, cookies are used on this site. Required fields are marked *. Opening hours: Monday - Friday 08.00 - 15.45 Summertime 15 May - 14 September: 08.00 - 15.00. When fishing in an area with sea farms is not allowed to be nearer than 100 meters. fishing in norway; Browse our posts that related to : fishing in norway - fishing in norway fjords - fishing in norway rules - fishing in norway prices - fishing in norway in september - fishing in norway license - fishing in norway sea - fishing in norway app - fishing in norway lakes - fishing in norway tips - Bellow. 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