Even a pasta snob would dig it. 2. The bun is one of the softest buns I ever bit into. It's pretty sweet so if that's not your thing then you probably won't like it. I was in the mood for some fried chicken and found this. I know this dish would appeal to non-Filipinos since it's not one of those "exotic" Filipino dishes, like balut. Too mushy and the shrimp are scary. It was a dish I saw as a teen in the Philippines. This is surprisingly great. This is one of my favorites from jollibee. 2 tablespoons macapuno (preserved shredded young coconut) 2 tablespoons kaong (palm nuts) I'm just not a shaved ice guy. Mango peach pie - This is better than the McDonald's apple pie as a kid. For real, why have a meal at Jollibee's? United States ; Hawaii (HI) Oahu ; Waipahu ; Waipahu Restaurants ; Jollibee; Search “Halo halo” Review of Jollibee. I am not 100% opposed to fast food, but in general (regardless of cuisine) I prefer to have freshly prepared food with quality ingredients. :-pThe facility itself is spotlessly clean. despite of thisHalo-halo is still a must lol.Staff is wonderful. Creamy with a variety of chewy morsels. The chicken tenders were dry & uneventful, & the fries were uneventful. It was honestly so hard to pick a favorite because everything was so tasty, but the chicken sandwich definitely stood out. Another highlight was the peach mango pie which was perfectly warm and crispy (the pastry dough is deep fried) and 100% tops McDonald's apple pie. The spaghetti was odd, but not bad. I am pretty sure it's because there is maximum fat in the dough. The fries were mediocre. Plus: The Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl is back! Probably not somewhere that I will be in a hurry to go back to any time soon. The batter wasn't overpowering of the chicken and allowed for the full flavor of the chicken. There are also restaurants and fast food establishments that made Halo halo part of their menu. by Henna Yu Apr 15, 2019. And, lastly I recommend the halo halo (if they have it..). The Halo Halo was disappointing, more like ice cubes than shaved ice. Serving Size: 1 cup: Amount Per Serving. 10/10 would recommend Jollibee and this location! I love it,” Bourdain said of the halo-halo… It's an experience. I didn't get a chance to try this place until my cousin, aunt and my cousin's 3 kids came down from Canada to visit last summer. There was so much of it, and not worth my caloric hit. Halo-halo in Tagalog translates to “mix-mix.” The chicken joy is greasy but that's fast food for you. It's better than a mango peach pie can be. It's super strange. Welcome to our channel "The Boasso Family". When I don't mind being taba, I come here. My first time falling in love with this place was when I visited va beach. I was so excited that they opened up two locations in ny. Gravy was included, which I tried but felt it was a unnecessary addition but I'm biased because I'm not big on gravy.2. JOLLIBEE HALO HALO INHALED BY AMERICAN GUY We are in Houston Texas today and I ate Halo-Halo in our hotel room from Jollibee. Vendors often sell Halo halo in the side-streets. Submit corrections. I always get the chickenjoy, spaghetti, and burgersteak to bring home with me in Connecticut. I also highly recommend the buko pandan pearl drink and Ube drink very very delicious!! She was adamant that we join in the racuous celebration of the first Jollibee in New York City, that is, until I reminded her that one has been located in Woodside for years, and a place whose...products were hoisted upon me by a suspiciously exeuberant SigOth.When it came to fast food, I call a spade...a spade. You can always mix and match the fried chicken with any sides and also request to have the fried chicken spicy. Spicy is spicy, even for my boyfriend who loves spicy food.Aloha yum burger: for those who say no to pineapple on their pizza, have you tried pineapple and bacon on your burger? That's one menu items they have that resembles and taste like the original one from the Jollibee from the Philippines. The sides were very mediocre. I had their combo of spaghetti and Chicken Joy (fried chicken) to get a little feel for their specialties, and it was pretty good. Halo halo wasn't available for order on doordash but I've seen some orders with halo-halo, probably called in to place an order.Doordash pickups were pretty easy - they have a 30 minute window. It's YUMMY. 0%. I learned later that the chicken joy also comes with a drink. First time to try Jollibee Sundae Halo Halo! The hair was scrunchy and reminiscent of pubic hair...Nevertheless I'll continue to eat Jollibee, but not here. Stick to the chicken (albeit fried) and the adobo rice. Want to chime in. Halloween Halo 2019- 7M-10M. It is an explosion of flavors in dessert form. I do love their food especially their burger steak. By all accounts it is blander than KFC's but here's the interesting part. I always like to change up rice for their sweet spaghetti. Super satisfying, creamy, not too sweet, and all the flavors meld really well together...People like the peach mango pie but I find that it tastes like stale oil most of the time. My brother said the Jollibee's in Fremont has fried mango pies, kind of like the McDonald's apple pie but in mango. Thankfully, I placed my order for pick up just after I had lunch so my eyes wouldn't order food for 10 people when I'm only sharing… So far, I haven't seen it. Lastly, you would want to wait for the halo halo to melt a bit so you can scoop its contents or keep mixing until it's more of a slush consistency and drink it. I think Jollibee has one of the best halo-halo among Philipino restaurants as they don't give you 80% ice in the halo-halo like other places. Everybody there was nice as well. Nothing I'd crave. The sauce had hot dog pieces in it which made it super yummy! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. It is pretty pricey but I don't think I've found this before in other places so I can't say how authentic it is. Unfortunately I was eating with a Chinese friend at the time and I was sharing. My daughter says she should've gotten the spaghetti instead of the chicken.Lastly, for dessert, we ordered the halo halo.SO YUMMY! If you've never tried Jollibee, you should try it at least once. For dessert they've got peach-mango pie, pineapple-jackfruit pie and halo-halo. lots of filipinos, felt like I was in Manila4. They do have a number that you can call so that you can order in advance!Let's get to the foodHad the 10 piece Chicken Joy (fried chicken) and got half spicy and the other half non spicy. After I ate that chicken I retained so much water from the salt content that I had to pee multiple times afterwards, and that strong MSG aftertaste coated my tongue until I picked up some Thai tea to wash it off. Someone please tell me when there's a good Filipino restaurant in OC or LA county with decent prices, clean facilities, decent atmosphere, ahd I'll support it. It doesn't add anything to the meal and I try not to get this. That's how bad I've missed Jollibee. Another Filipino Dessert challenge which was scrumptious! This is my favorite fried chicken in the city. Holla! It's like McDonald's apple pie, but it's got peaches and mango in it. I told her. strips, ice cream, and a lovely little bit of flan. Also, sometimes their chicken can be a little bit too salty but other than that, I love Jollibee! That's the exact feeling you'll have when you eat at Jollibee. Needless to say, I am not thrilled about most Pinoy cooking.That being said, thanks to some social media shenanigans via her west coast friends, the missus became irrationally exuberant about the opening of Jollibee in Manhattan - it's next to the Arbys near the bus terminal, and the area is frequented by the homeless coming out of the halfway house nearby. 6 tablespoons halo-halo mixture, divided into 2 tablespoons each. I actually don't eat anything else in this place because I'd rather go to Magic Wok or enjoys mom's cooking but the Halo Halo is delicious! Exactly what I needed at the end of a tough week.While the main entree was amazing, I felt like I was missing something.