They are certainly very very smart-too smart at times and can definitly learn to identify but not necessarily say the colour, counting I'm not so sure about but with time and patience it might be possible. Birds associate being up high with dominating another bird, or in this case, you. He wont bite hard but loves my nails they are sparkly for the 4th, and he doesnt screem, btw I have raised batches of cockitel my birds have all rode my shoulder I dont under stand why this would hurt the bird. Also make sure that it is in a cage that is big enough and has a variety of toys and perches. Your bird thinks he is the leader of the flock. Now, when I take him out he bites my hand, really hard! interactive colorful Puzzle toys and toys that make sounds are the best way to keep your green cheek conure paérrot entertained and busy. As it is, teaching a Conure to talk is tough. 2. Grains, Legumes, and Beans. This is a real problem when trying to trim his nails because I can't hold him without him biting me. Secondly, he will bite ears and lips, starting softly but getting more intense because he's trying to communicate hunger and/or thirst. Thanks for the question! Once your bird warms up to it’s human, this should stop a green cheek conure from biting so much. He loves to sit on my shoulder and he can step up on my finger, but if I try to get him to step up without having a treat for him, or if he's been sitting on my finger for so long that I've run out of treats, he will bite. She's good with handling but suddenly she has these random mood swings and I have no idea what to do. Please help. Your skin will not be spared but this is corrected by making your bird understand that your skin is not to bite, for this you must say a firm “No” to your bird and leave it in the room alone for 30 seconds then return. Don’t let him bite more than once and even if he goes for a bite but misses return him. I also give him mixed veggies, thawed with hot water, and then drained. Repeat the action until the bird stops biting. When they are in the cage, they often start biting whenever a person inserts his/her fingers into sun conure’s cage, as it makes fear in them as an external threat. It makes me hesitant to touch him cause he bites so hard I bleed. She's just a baby, only about 3 months old. A: So you’ve got a new/baby green cheek conure, and the inevitable has happened: your green cheek conure is biting you. Is this how a normal gc acts as if he's been forever, I have a green cheek conure baby he bites sometimes I get home to fly to perch from my shoulder and I take my T shirt off so he can't grip and he goes poo on perch now and he seems more chilled out at night time don't seem to bite I use a target stick and click he goes to perch when tell him, We got our 3 month old, hand-raised GCC about 1 weekago. Not only that but if I were to get her to step up when she's taking this fit she'd immedietly bite and hold on to me. It hurts their little ears and their feelings. he's been here for four days, but I do have other bird experience. Small Earthquakes Stop Biting Conure Parrots. I have a conure he’s 8 months old I got him when he was 3 months old and this really helped, Thats teaching it hiw ti get on ur finger, my pineapple conure still bites me whenever i try letting her step up on my finger, i do leave her alone sometimes when she's frustrated but i don't know what to do anymore, the bites are getting worse, I tried this….my bird (conure) kept biting me she tried to attcak me XDDDD. I've had Jiji for about 4 days now, shes very tame steps up and everything, but im not sure tow hat extent it trusts me. Hi, I just bought a green cheek conure about 3 weeks ago and I have a question about training him. By earthquakes, of course, we mean the small movements of your arm. It exists as an option, though a controversial one, to stop a green cheek conure from biting. Earthquakes? So if you are insisting on petting your Ringneck, you are probably getting bitten. If you’ve just brought your green cheek conure home, remember to give your green cheek time to get used to their surroundings, and you. //-->, Videoshop – Video Editor by Appsolute Inc. :D. Your email address will not be published. Now she is biting a lot. Don't give the bird a big reaction if it bites you. However, they tend to show aggressive behavior when trying to defend them from specific fears. Eventually, your own green cheek conure will associate your own loudness or perhaps word (for instance “gentle chew” or “no chomp” with the meaning of stop biting now, please.