$65.00 shipping. Tusq bridge pins with Abalone dot RainSong continues to expand its line of graphite guitars with its new Shorty models, the company’s first guitars with short-scale necks that meet the body at the 12th fret. Rainsong Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar The label says John Decker, Woodinville, WA. The Black Ice Rainsong is very cool. Each soundboard is individually conceived If you own a Rainsong, you can travel anywhere and rest assured that you’re not going to open the case at a gig and find a big split or crack down the middle of the guitar… because carbon fiber doesn’t crack! What they offer in terms of durability doesn't detract from the tones either! All Carbon-Fiber Construction With Unidirectional Carbon Soundboard. Promenade Music is a UK main dealer for both RainSong and KLOS Guitars. As part of the Nashville Series, the N-JM1100N2 represents a completely new kind of RainSong guitar. $3,099.99. Excellent. Make an Offer. $51.15 shipping. I always keep a carbon fiber guitar in my own arsenal as there’s nothing like being able to grab a guitar and go anywhere regardless of the weather or the surroundings. After careful experimentation, RainSong Guitars has developed the ability to fuse a thin spruce soundboard and a unidirectional pre-impregnated carbon top in a single molding step . RainSong CO-WS1005NSM Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar $ 2,599 RainSong WS-1000N2T Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric Guitar $ 2,574 Sold-Rainsong Al Petteway APSE Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar I found a great deal on a Rainsong CH-WS1100 model that I couldn't pass up, and I'm excited about it. Carbon Fibre / Graphite guitars are impervious to changes in heat and temperature. YouTube Contact About Us ... RainSong CH-WS1000NS Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar Serial Number: 18831. $1,850 + $75 Shipping. Rainsong Carbon Fiber Guitars Posted on 12/22/2014 7:53 PM in Blog by LAGS Staff A unique guitar RainSongs are the world's first all-graphite (carbon fiber) acoustic guitar--body, neck, fretboard and bridge are all made out of pure graphite/composite. Cash Paid for Guitars! or Best Offer. Rainsong Black Ice Series BI-WS1000N2 Graphite Acoustic-Electric Guitar Carbon Carbon item# 581064L.010*MINT CONDITION* The RainSong Black Ice Series BI-WS1000N2 is an acoustic-electric guitar that embodies artistry in every graphite fiber from which it's constructed. CornerStone Music is proud to be an Authorized RainSong Dealer. RainSong no longer makes these, so they are becoming harder to find. Tusq Nut & Saddle. RainSong Black Ice WS-1000 Carbon Fiber Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Carbon-fiber guitar makers take advantage of the rigid and resonant nature of carbon fiber in a lot of different ways. RainSong Guitars provide the ultimate solution for players looking for unique tones, and unparalleled durability. About the H-WS1000N2 The Hybrid Series combines the best qualities of Carbon fiber and Glass fiber … Plus, that environment-immune graphite means you can forget about the weather and just enjoy the rain. And, because of Projection Tuned Layering's uniform stiffness, the RainSong acoustic sound is impeccably balanced and very, VERY loud. RainSong is an musical instrument manufacturer company, currently based in Woodinville, Washington, and originally based in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.RainSong makes high-end carbon fiber (graphite) bodied steel-string acoustic guitars, with past models including nylon string guitars, 12-string guitars, and a jazz archtop guitar The RainSong CO-WS3000 12-string acoustic-electric guitar is able to stay in tune at concert pitch and to withstand temperature and humidity variations; qualities that every seasoned 12-string player has long pined for. The varying directions of the grain of the carbon fiber on the top makes it look like shattered ice. Listing Sold. Carbon fiber's damping is almost constant across the acoustic spectrum resulting in a full range of sound -- from a treble that rings with crystalline clarity to a bass that is warm without being muddy. To combine the stability and robustness of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics of wood, RainSong has developed SFT: Soundboard Fusion Technology. The Black Ice Series embodies Artistry. As one of our customers likes to say, … Dave Coram of RainSong was at NAMM showing the company's striking Smokey line of carbon fiber and hybrid carbon-and-glass-fiber guitars. When these carbon atoms are bonded together in microscopic crystals, the crystals align together making the fiber incredibly strong. To combine the stability and robustness of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics of wood, RainSong has developed SFT: Soundboard Fusion Technology. This lightweight guitar will quickly become your go-to. Like all RainSong guitars, Smokey uses Projection Tuned Layering with all composite construction leading to a robust instrument that can withstand variations in humidity and temperatures. RainSong BI-WS3000 Black Ice 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar With Case. This is the Rainsong WS100, a carbon fiber acoustic guitar. The Shorty models also have the smallest body shape of any RainSong guitar, making them the perfect choice for players who prefer Orchestra Model–style guitars. Spook410. $5,000.00. Willing to negotiate. Brands. RainSong's most popular deep cutaway WS body and the short-scale 12-fret neck combination gives the Smokey a full rich bottom end that perfectly complements the precise focused mids and highs. We know that true musicians want an instrument that’s specific to them. I am reluctantly selling my RainSong WS3000 12 String. Their hybrid carbon fiber and glass fiber bodies resist temperature and humidity swings, so they don’t need to be adjusted every time the wind blows or the temperature changes. This inherent strength allows the carbon fiber guitar to be impervious to changes in temperature or humidity. 15 watching. Each instrument is unique. The first thing I noticed is how cool this guitar looks. Guitars Pedals and Amplifiers Keyboards and Synths Recording Gear Drums DJ and Audio Gear More Categories. I believe most, if not all the other Carbon Fiber guitar manufactures offer stainless steel frets on their guitars. It has this awesome carbon fiber layering or pattern to the top which makes it look all industrial , but then there is this beautiful abalone rosette giving it a more balanced organic feel. No soundboard braces. I love this guitar, however, current needs require me to part with it. Acoustic guitars can also be made with carbon fiber, and the Rainsong WS3000 12-string and Rainsong WS1000 are perfect examples: The WS3000 features an all-graphite body with no body braces. KLOS Guitars designs and manufactures the first durable, affordable, comfortable, great-sounding carbon fiber travel guitar. The RS427 comes stock with the … RainSong achieves this appeal simply: by grafting a layer of spruce to the carbon fiber top. The construction, playability and tones are up with the best, and for a guitar made entirely without any wood, it sure doesn’t sound like it. Here at Guitar Hangar, we love Rainsong guitars. Carbon fiber guitars: Carbon fiber is a long thin strand of material composed mostly of carbon atoms. Black Ice Carbon Soundboard; All-Carbon-Fiber Body; All-Carbon-Fiber Neck; Nut Width: 1.88 Inchens; Out of Stock - … After careful experimentation, RainSong Guitars has developed the ability to fuse a thin spruce soundboard and a unidirectional pre-impregnated carbon top in a single molding step. If you are looking for a modern carbon fiber guitar guitar that retains familiar shapes and playability, then RainSong guitars is the best place to start looking. Well, after many months of shopping, I've finally taken the Carbon Fiber guitar plunge. These guitars are practically indestructible, weather and humidity proof. RainSong's guitars are immune to problems like warping, cracking, or tuning and setup instability. 03-15-2018, 02:02 PM #16. These qualities make RainSong guitars ideal for players living in dry or humid climates, but the toughness of carbon fiber means they're also great for travel and gigging. Watch. Each instrument is unique. One thing I noticed when shopping for carbon fiber guitars, RainSong CF guitars do not come with stainless steel frets. Dave Coram of RainSong was at NAMM showing the company's striking Smokey line of carbon fiber and hybrid carbon-and-glass-fiber guitars. ... RainSong; RainSong WS1000 Carbon Fiber acoustic electric Rain Song. Shipped From. 5 out of 5 stars Ideal for low humidity or high humidity climates, RainSong's carbon fiber designs provide unique clarity and articulation, while not being susceptible to many of the issues that plague traditional wooden guitars. Used for slightly over a year, switched to electric so this guitar did not see a lot of use. The Rainsong H-WS1000N2 features a hybrid of glass and carbon fiber material crafted into a familiar single cutaway shape, which makes it a great entry or transition guitar for those coming from traditional wood instruments. The Rainsong Black Ice Series BIJM1000N2 Graphite Acoustic-Electric Guitar embodies Artistry. Description: This guitar has the lightest s Chat to Buy By fusing a thin Sitka spruce soundboard to a unidirectional carbon fiber soundboard, RainSong has merged the durability of carbon fiber with the traditional sound … Guitar Emporium of Louisville. It’s a tuning-stable, punchy, playable, and super comfortable guitar that you can take on a cross-country road trip without a worry about how long it sits in a hot trunk. RainSong uses its strength-to-weight properties to forgo top bracing—a design measure that allows the top to vibrate more freely without sacrificing structural integrity. RainSong Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitars are beyond impressive. RainSong Guitar WS3000 Acoustic/Electric 12 String Carbon Fiber: $1,675. RS427 Guitar The RS427 is a 100% Exposed Carbon Fiber Guitar, designed and built in the Motor City. ... All-Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Carbon soundboard crafted using Projection Tuned Layering technique. An all-graphite neck and epoxy fingerboard fabricated using RainSong's Performance Shape Casting as a single piece and no truss rod. RainSong Black Ice Jumbo BI-JM1000N2 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Guitar $ 2,599. The soundboard on each guitar is meticulously crafted to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance without overbuilding it. But the V-DR N reviewed here has virtues beyond a simple facelift. I've been wanting a worry free guitar for some time, given the extreme weather here in AZ (aka - heat and lack of humidity!). Buy Rainsong H-WS1000N2 (Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar) in Singapore,Singapore. And the RainSong … Rainsong BI-WS3000 Black Ice Series 12 String Acoustic/Electric Guitar w/ HSC. RAINSONG JZ1000 CARBON FIBER GUITAR.