Many times nettles allergy will clear up by itself when there is a change in the environment and/or diet. “I wonder if it’s my presence that re-assures them ?” I mused. In many cases of nettles allergy in horses, treatment is not necessary. Antihistamines can also be useful to stop the allergic reaction. Scientific Name. Nowadays stinging nettle enjoys the reputation of being a wonderful healing herb used for humans and animals alike to support a variety of … While most people are well aware of the evils of Stinging Nettle, not many are familiar with the good. Due to its astringent properties, it is beneficial for hemorrhaging anywhere in the body. If necessary, use a pasture safe herbicide on your horse’s pasture to eliminate any possible allergens. Nettles are a preferred source for some species of butterfly larvae, so be sure to leave a small stand of the plant in an isolated corner. She has a new passion for stinging nettles. The stinging nettle (Urtica Urens) is part of a wider family termed Urticaceae, and includes the purple, yellow and white dead nettle which aren’t really nettles at all but enough of that, and it can be found in just about all of the UK and indeed it has relatives all over the world. Answering my own question I said, “I think it’s just that they know there’ll be something good to eat shortly” and there is. Stinging Nettles . Reducing your horse’s stress can also help keep them from having a relapse. Stinging nettles are at their best in spring, before they reach 12″ tall. Contact your veterinarian for an assessment and do not feed your horse anything until your veterinarian has arrived. When flu season is around the corner, don’t forget about your friend, stinging nettles! Although not painful for your horse, cosmetically your horse looks terrible when their skin is covered in soft, oozing nodes. Allergic reactions to nettles can occur when your horse brushes against the plant, eats the plant or inhales the spores from the plant. The horse was down in the field… It can cause a burning and stinging sensation wherever it comes in contact with your skin. Horse nettle, which also goes by the formal name of Solanum carolinense, is a perennial weed that grows in tall, vertical stalks that can reach up to 4 feet tall. Just wondered if anybody had any probs with Horses/Ponies being allergic to Stinging Nettle Stings Friends Horse had an accident earlier this evening and in a bad way , seemed to have an allergic reaction or went into shock, vet said bp had dropped very low , gums had turned white and breathing diffucuties, Which animal will eat stinging nettles? The championship has separate men’s and women’s sections and … If this happens, stop feeding nettle. Your horses would love it around our place..we have stinging nettles everywhere. To top it off, the manure produced makes a much healthier fertilizer as well. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the stinging hairs or you will likely regret it! Here is another shot of the leaves on a stinging nettle plant. Your veterinarian will run basic tests such as a complete blood count, fecal examination, and urinalysis. Fresh spearmint and stinging nettles. So much so that the horse has to go into ‘iron withholding mode’ in order not to lose too much iron from cells. The people up the road make a tasty (they say) soup from them, apparently they are a tonic. I was also told by an elderly farmer that the presence of stinging nettles is a sign of high nitrogen in your field - makes sense. Molly Bush photo. While most people are well aware of the evils of Stinging Nettle, not many are familiar with the good. TABLE OF CONTENTS. These nodules can cause itching; however, they rarely cause pain. Nettles (left: woodnettle Laportea canadensis, center and right: stinging nettle Urtica chamaedryoides) have stinging hairs on their stems and leaves which can produce a short-lived stinging or burning sensation when brushed against. Stinging nettles fiber are taken from Brennels BV,Kraggenburg, The Charlie and Amber are no spring chickens, in terms of years, and they may also benefit from this effect to help keep them as mobile as they are. A biopsy of one of the nodules will help your veterinarian confirm that your horse is having an allergic reaction but it will not necessarily identify the allergen. Recovery from foxglove poisoning is slim at the very best. Historically Nettles have been used to help support a healthy blood supply and circulation. Clip or pinch off several sets of leaves from the top of the plant. It causes severe pain and the horses will be excitable due to the discomfort. Stinging Nettles : Make A Natural Fertilizer for Tomatoes, Plants & Co Stinging nettle manure is highly regarded as a mild plant protector and biological fertilizer in an ecologically farmed hobby garden. Nettles also make a great fertiliser when added to Comfrey to make a liquid feed for soil or simply used on its own laid out on top of the soil/pasture – they are, after all, an indication of soil health when growing. All our horses on the track will eat wilted nettles but for one in particular it has a special significance. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. It may be difficult for your veterinarian to identify the allergen that is causing your horse’s problems without conducting a full allergy panel and eliminating common allergens. But if you accidentally run through a patch of these plants with bare legs, it will feel a bit like a swarm of tiny yellow jackets just attacked your appendages. Ted doesn't mind eating the nettles fresh when he feels he needs them - I eat them fresh as well but in scrambled egg and omelettes ! ⚠️BE AWARE OF THE DANGERS OF STINGING NETTLES⚠️ We recently went out to a horse showing severe signs of distress shortly after being turned out in the field. Nettles, also called common nettle, stinging nettle, nettle leaf and urtica dioica, are a part of the Urticaceae family and are a herbaceous perennial, flowering plant. Your veterinarian may need to put your horse on steroid injections if the nodules do not clear within a few weeks. Horses tend to avoid the plant because it is distasteful, and they are unlikely to eat enough to cause serious problems unless the weed is rampant in their pasture or they have … When he did try to get up he kept falling over which caused him to become even more distressed. The ... dogs and horses.7 8 Clin-ical signs of nettle toxicity in humans are variable and include Any livestock---including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs as well as horses---may be poisoned after eating large quantities of horse nettle. Some of those little devils love it. It will usually regress on their own in a few hours. Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) may be considered a painful weed by most, but it is a complicated plant with many hidden virtues ranging from a valuable wildlife plant to making beer. But you can harvest the topmost leaves into the summer. 30 April 2011 at 14:21 The prime harvesting season of nettles is very short. Try wearing some tough gloves alow the nettle to grow a bit so there just a little bit surdey then pull them out of the ground. I especially love to strim nettles. Others ignore them completely so I'm sure it's down to personal preference of the horses. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Nettles for horses are rich in Iron and Vitamin C, and most horses will happily eat them out in the fields once they have been chopped down an allowed to wilt so they loose their sting. Is there an animal which could be kept outside (in England), be easy to source and keep, will cohabit with sheep, and eat up the nettles? Our last hay analysis saw it have a value of 185 mg/kg against a mean in the UK of some 300 mg/kg and what they considered as a ‘very high’ value of some 500 mg/kg so it’s actually not that bad. *Wag! It can cause problems with livestock, too. Some horses do have a nettles allergy that causes problems within the … eg: 10-15-20(5) means 10% N, 15% P, 20% K, 5% Mg Calculation of quantities [ edit ] Eg: A crop like cauliflower requires 3 kg of … The anti-histamine compounds in the nettle help to negate this effect and so reduce some inflammation for him. An upright plant with dull green, serrated leaves, covered with stinging hairs. Be sure to follow all dosing instructions carefully on the medications prescribed by your veterinarian. We recently went out to a horse showing severe signs of distress shortly after being turned out in the field. That said nettles have other benefits for a possible laminitic horse in that it contains an anti-histamine compound – ironic really given that its sting creates a histamine reaction when it stings us ! (again !). When Stinging Nettle comes in contact with human skin, it typically turns into reddish patches on the skin that are quite itchy and can give a burning se… The stinging nettle is one of the most important native plants for wildlife in the UK and Ireland. Horses have been reported to lean away from the … The weather was beautiful when we visited the ancient resting place of my ancestors in Myross, West Cork. The owner reported the presence of nettles and confirmed its presence on previous fields. So what is a stinging nettle? They may take samples and test those to plants to find which one is the problem. So it is that when Ted is able to have a feed on high sugary grasses (high being a relative term in his case and the grasses we have) the bacteria in the gut have a sort of party and produce a histamine reaction that eventually leads to inflammation in the body. For the actual nodules that are on your horse’s skin, your veterinarian will prescribe a mild antiseptic solution to be used along with antibiotic creams and corticosteroid creams. Items are sold by the retailer, not Wag!. I haven't tried the recipe they gave us yet (don't have the nerve to). Nettles; great for horses and great for the human herd in a medicinal, nutritive, compostive (I just made that word up !) It is a winter annual that is a nuisance because it has tiny hairs that embed in our skin when we touch it; and causes irritation for hours. Chiron Horse has moderate arthritis around T14/15 and nettle helps to rid the body of uric acid that is associated with that inflammation – it also benefits those humans with gout. Cattle tend to avoid it, but but it can be problematic for horses. Whilst it’s true that most horses aren’t iron deficient this is more likely because they get iron from many other plant sources. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11: Chapter 12 Chapter 13 The horse was down in the field, unresponsive and breathing heavily. I think most people now realise that laminitis is not one condition, but many that can be seen in a sort of continuum of conditions that will eventually lead to full blown pedal bone rotation and that this all starts, as do other conditions, in the gut of the horse. Unlike deadnettles (Lamium), stinging nettles (Urtica) have stinging hairs that make them quickly apparent to the gardener when weeding.They also bear brownish-green tassle-like flowers from May to September, quite different from … ... My yearling colt came in from the field yesterday with urticaria. ... Horses can be allergic to nettles and can develop a rash. I have decided Lady is really strange. The people up the road make a tasty (they say) soup from them, apparently they are a tonic. Our range of s elective paddock and pasture animal friendly weed killers will control specific paddock and pasture weeds but will leave the grass unharmed. I had a call this week on stinging nettle (fireweed) in bermuda/bahia pasture. Even on our ‘bare track’ he seems to be able to Houdini his head under parts of the electric fence to reach snatches of grass and the wet summer that many of us had caused the grass to grow when it might otherwise have struggled. Symptoms include severe constipation and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. and culinary way – no, we didn’t touch much on the latter did we but it is …. Two gun dogs presented with a combination of neuromuscular and autonomic signs following suspected exposure to stinging nettles ( Urtica dioica ) in the UK. It is often when the horses are hot. If you have riding horses and you don’t breed (as endophyte-infected tall fescue can be toxic in pregnant mares), growing the old Kentucky-31 fescue can be a good option. Beauty and the beast Among their medicinal benefits, nettles are an excellent remedy for arthritis relief. Pasture management should be practiced and any nettles plants should be removed to avoid any more reactions. Stinging nettles grow throughout the vast majority of the United States, and tend to favor ravines and creek beds. Your veterinarian may walk through your horse’s pasture looking for plants that could potentially cause an allergic reaction. Its self defence mechanisms are apparent to most and consist of stiff hair like needles on the stem that cause a burning sensation when touched. ⚠️ BE AWARE OF THE DANGERS OF STINGING NETTLES ⚠️. Clustered dock (Rumex conglomerates) the flower spike of this dock has a Our own track exists in the Kentish Weald where iron production for weapons of war took place during the Medieval times due to the presence of iron ore. Botanical Description. Flowering nettles may also have a beneficial effect on the fat cells themselves in that they help the process of lipolysis (the production of energy from fats).