She didn't teach you how to fight back or use your head. After saving Charlotte from the Merchants, she loyally looks after Skitter's base and reports daily to her. [77][80] She can give general instructions, in which case she is only vaguely aware of their movements, or guide individual insects through complex tasks, in which case she is more precisely aware of their movements and environment. Press J to jump to the feed. [48] She fights Lung alongside the Undersiders. She arrives at the start of the day and goes to her locker, she gets shoved into her locker and she has time to get a glimpse of people looking - and enough time passes that she realizes that those same people who saw didn't take any action on her behalf. The Heartbroken work for Imp though. -. Well, there was the bank robbery, but that was Panacea’s interference at work. Bakuda launched a wave of bombing against the city to free Lung, forcing the other villains to unite against her. She wore darker clothes now, cloaked herself in sweatshirts and loose fitting jeans. On days like this, after being publicly humiliated, getting myself to the point where I was willing to walk through the door was about making deals with myself and trying to look past the school day. Wildbow - Had taylor broken, raged out, in the sense of chapter one, they would have had a scapegoat for everything that happened in Brockton Bay. Finished reading worm. She asked Panacea to modify her powers, becoming the being known as Khepri. Taylor is also close to Golem, serving as something of a mentor figure. The One Man Band was introduced to The Worm, letting the WWE Universe know that Scotty 2 Hotty could still hang with current competitors. A home for fans of Wildbow's web serials, Worm, Pact, Twig, and Ward. Here's what happened when 15 random people took turns drawing and describing, starting with the prompt "Taylor Hebert (Worm)". That basically just describes her fight with Valefor and the other Fallen who's name I can't remember. [73], Had she not undergone this double trigger, her bug control would have been much cruder and less skilled, being more akin to how Chicken Little controls birds. It might have been brought up, but I wanted to share my take on the ending. -. “Taylor,” I answered her. I was being selective, and I was gathering quite a few. 20 (Speculative) Taylor told her that she wasn't before revealing that she had cried herself to sleep for a week. As his plan to dominate the city comes to fruition, their conflict puts her increasingly on edge. But the main reason I think Tattletale already knows that Taylor is alive is because of the Alec lookalike that Taylor sees towards the ending. [81] She can also sense the biology and location[70] of every bug she can control. As a result of the incident, Taylor becomes closed off and rigid. I feel like unless it's a short story or a movie where the ambiguous ending is part of the entire point, you should just give a definitive ending. Defiant also equipped her with a flight pack which she would use for the rest of her career, replacing her utility compartment. [14], Taylor considered joining the Wards, but felt that "the notion of escaping the stresses of high school by flinging myself into a mess of teenage drama, adult oversight and schedules seemed self-defeating". Took part in the battle against Behemoth in New Delhi. Taylor lets her live, but only after violently releasing her frustrations by banging Emma against a wall several times, scaring her half to death in the process. The mantle around her shoulders and the cloth hanging from her belt are marked in electric blue with her personal gang emblem (a beetle facing downwards) in miniature at each corner, flipped upside down so that it faces upward. There are controls hidden in her gloves, as well as redundant control systems inside operated by bugs. It was the family dog in college. Well, she can’t quite hear through her bugs. The three then tormented her - Sophia physically, Madison superficially and Emma emotionally. At one point, Taylor attempted to distract a foe underwater by forming simulated bodies out of sea creatures.[72]. [22], She is an exceptionally accomplished martial artist; her bug-swarm-enhanced senses enable her to react to events faster than a normal human should be able to. -. Taylor Hebert [113], Taylor was rated by PRT analysts as a Master 5,[49] which was later upgraded to an 8. FlippinMad: Gone? [67][68] She carried the same tube of pepper spray, rescued from the remains of her previous costume. Taylor is extremely distrustful of Coil because he involved the Undersiders in a kidnapping (albeit indirectly), but depends on his funding and supplies. (As opposed to black widows which have to be isolated from each other as they’re territorial enough to kill one another). [72], According to Number Man, Taylor has had a Double Trigger, where a person triggers twice back-to-back; the sheer trauma of her first trigger causing a second one. Taylor develops a crush on him and the two date for awhile. Didn't Doormaker run out at one point? While attempting to administer a shot to Tyrod Taylor's ribs, a Los Angeles Chargers team doctor accidentally punctured one of the quarterback's lungs instead. It wasn’t so unusual, that there were flies, bumblebees and ants about: the heat of summer, the humidity, the imbalanced ecosystem… Nobody paid them any heed. See, it started off pretty damn awesome - Taylor with a minor power with awesome ... doesn't exist), and the author most likely got discouraged and dropped it. [4] She conducted practice sessions, "far from prying eyes", to determine the extent of her power. Age In turn Lisa is somewhat protective of her because of two reasons: her past, and her involvement in recruiting Skitter. I think all it takes is that they have to have very simple brains.” -. [120], Taylor Anne Hebert was born in June 1995, arguably on the 19th,[121] 12th (a week before the 19th),[122] or 11th (about a week before the 19th and the date Worm began. The moment the wind died down, I bid the bugs to shift position, carrying the pages to me, sorting them into the appropriate order. On that first night out, Taylor notices a group of ABB members, including Lung (who she recognizes immediately from the news and online). It might have been brought up, but I wanted to share my take on the ending. [8] She suspected that she would hurt herself before she hurt the Trio. Taylor is not having a good day in school. But Taylor offloaded all cues to her shard. These layers surround their cores, the only part of their bodies that is actually vital. I don't think Tattletale could do that, because Taylor is on Aleph and Contessa had the dimension closed as best she could... which, considering her power, is probably pretty damn secure. Eventually she surrendered, hoping to acquire concessions in the form of reforms in exchange. Despite his earlier betrayal, Defiant becomes something of a friend to Taylor, or at least a respected colleague. Taylor spends the timeskip as a member of the Chicago Wards, training Golem, and participating in many Endbringer fights. As Skitter, Taylor wore various costumes made of spider silk. After the Timeskip, she wears a spider-silk version of her Weaver costume. She was known for reviewing previous fights to see how she could have done things differently or if some new trick she learned could have taken care of the situation.[21]. It’s why she can’t sense skin mites. A lot of people are extremely invested in worm, after over a million and a half words. Worm is a self-published web serial by John C. "Wildbow" McCrae and the first installment of the Parahumans series, known for subverting and playing with common tropes and themes of superhero fiction.McCrae's first novel, Worm features a bullied teenage girl, Taylor Hebert, who develops the superpower to control worms, insects, arachnids and other simple lifeforms. She knows that he's sociopathic and considers his membership on the Undersiders a necessary evil. In revenge, he revealed her status as a mole to the Undersiders.[126]. Though I do prefer a she lives ending in general because a. It will happen. Initial:Master 5 with Thinker and Shaker overtonesLater:Master 8, Thinker 1Post-Echidna:Master 10, Thinker 3 with an additional 2 points in every other categoryKhepri:Unknown, S-Class Annie Edson Taylor was born on October 24, 1838, in Auburn, New York. ", Without taking the box, I tilted my head to get a better look at the front, "Alexandria. She met Emma at school and was surprised to see how her view of her tormentor had changed because of recent events. Despite some a few later misgivings over Tattletale's morals, especially when she suddenly unveils her more audacious plans, Taylor generally accepts her reasons and trusts her to do the right thing. Three months before the story begins -- once Taylor recovered from her trigger event -- she started to prepare herself to become a hero. Had I? Madison would ultimately come to regret her actions after learning that Taylor had become Skitter, feeling somewhat responsible for the path of violence that Taylor had taken. Is the lunchbox collectable?" This kind of mistake happened repeatedly one semester in college -- I kept seeing my friend Rhett out of the corner of my eye in unexpected places on campus, only to look again and nope it was just someone with vaguely similar hair. Much like Taylor's achievements went hand in hand with a growth in her capability and flexibility with her power (on a blunt level like the waxing & waning max range, in terms of being able to see/speak with them, and on an abstract level, like how the shard is helping more in the background or when she's unconscious), -. Worm by John McCrae, a.k.a. -, She wasn't in costume, but her glower was intense enough that she might as well have been in her full garb as Skitter, complete with shawl, skirt and the carpet of insects crawling on her. And the Aleph portals are closed shut, we know this from the epilogue. Taylor would sometimes use her bugs to "channel" her emotions, lending her an "aura of indomitable calm". -, Skitter sat at the end, backed by her forces, looking over the room. Wildbow had her down in his notes as 5’8″ (175 cm), 125 lbs (56 kg) during her stay in prison[64]. [24][25][26] She even blamed ordinary emotions on her passenger. That's why I feel WB offered us a choice, at the end. Glow-worm P.9 (Mentioned)Interlude 10.y (Flashback), Taylor Anne Hebert,[1] pronounced "Hee-bert",[2] is the main character of Worm. People keep saying suicide, but that isn't quite it. Aliases She's not really in a position to bang, facing in, too cramped to turn around. Man, that seems like a narrative stretch. Ridtom here, trying something new. [48], When she was around five or six, she saw a meth addict freak out on the bus, making enough of a ruckus that the driver had to stop and force him off. -, Passenger, I thought. After Dragon's return visit, while angry she tried to find a way to compromise after the event by turning herself in. For one and three-quarter school years, I had been putting up with this shit. I draped it over my lap. You need to be alive to be killed.